Globodox: An electronic document management system helps you organize your documents systematically.

    We understand that switching to a paperless office is already a big decision for the growth of your company. So we built GLOBODOX in a way that makes it easy to operate right from the start. Now, you can concentrate on important things instead of trying to find your way around the software. Kind of makes sense, doesn’t it?

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    Globodox Features

    Simple Document Management Software


    GLOBODOX is the most flexible document management software available today. It allows you to manage your documents in more ways than you can imagine. With so much freedom to manage your documents, all your plans and ideas are at your disposal within a few clicks (and sometimes even fewer…)

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    Globodox Features

    Flexible Document Management


    GLOBODOX document management software security gives you more control over who gets to do what. Features like document encryption eliminate unauthorized access and you can track who is doing what. This way your documents are always secure.

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    Globodox Features

    The latest in Document Security

What is eDMS?

An electronic document management system (DMS) is a software system used to store and manage electronic documents and images of paper documents. With the best document management software applications such as Globodox, organizations can create a single centralized repository of all their electronic and paper documents. They can then provide their staff with controlled access to this repository.

Globodox document management software provides advanced features such as check-in/checkout, version control and audit trail. Integrated Workflow which allows routing documents (based on preset rules) is also an important document management feature.

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What is Globodox?

Globodox is a scalable, windows-based document management software that enables medium or large organizations to securely manage and share documents. Extremely easy to deploy and use, Globodox is used by customers in over 50 countries.

It features an integrated set of tools that lets you scan, index, search, secure and share documents and keep an audit trail. Using workflow, Globodox helps you route documents electronically to help you automate your business processes.

Benefits of using Globodox

I really appreciate your tech support – it is very prompt and usually fixes my issues immediately. I also really like your product – it works well, is intuitive, has a good help file – well done. Thanks.
— Simone Porter, Canada

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