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Uncluttered accounting with Globodox!!!

Invoices, Tax Documents, Purchase Orders, Reports… Just a small list of the kind of documents an Accounting Team must handle. You need to ensure they are stored securely and are easy to find. Globodox Document Management Software helps you do this and more. It combines easy organisation with blazing fast search and Industrial strength security. Its Workflow features help you easily automate document based processes like invoice processing.

Accounting Document Management

How can Globodox help Accountants and Financial Organizations?

Organize and access documents from a central repository…

Globodox maintains a central repository of all your documents, so that you dont have juggle between various folders and applications. With Globodox you can access all your spreadsheets, pdfs, e-mails or anyother documents from a single place.

  • Organize documents into appropriate folders such as invoices,purchase orders, clients details etc
  • Use tags to further classify documents such as paid, overdue, received and so on
  • Versioning
  • Check-in / Check-out feature to avoid unnecassary overwrites.

Find any document in seconds

Looking for year old invoices, or a month old purchase order; Globodox’s powerful search feature will help you find details with ease.

  • Run multi-condition searches for analyses (e.g. All invoices received in the first week of april)
  • Save complex searches for later reuse
  • Search for and jump to folder at blazing speeds

Be a workflow design hero

At Globodox, we know that document management will work best when it fits in well with your business processes. This is why Globodox is designed to let you create document workflows which route documents to users based on the rules you specify. This is as customized as it can get.

  • Design workflows that replicate your day-to-day business processes using the Workflow Designer.
  • Route documents such as invoices for reviews with a single click.
  • Receive automatic notifications about tasks (e.g 2 Invoices pending for review)
  • Know the current state of all the workflows that are currently running. Pause, resume or cancel workflows from here.
  • Add a stamp, a signature and even publish a document automatically in Globodox, as part of the workflow designed.

Control access and use industry standard encryption

Globodox was designed keeping in mind the highest level of security from various perspectives. It’s equipped with latest technology in encryption and access permissions. This provides you with an additional control over privileges and confidentiality and provides highest level of security to sensitive data.It lets you keep an audit trail track.

  • Ensure that staff can access only those documents for which they are authorized
  • Control access on a per use or per document level
  • View a detailed log of who modified or deleted a document and when
  • Store documents in encrypted form for additional security

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