3 features in Globodox Version 7 that help manage documents more efficiently

3 features in Globodox Version 7 that help manage documents more efficiently

In an earlier post, you took a peek into some new features in Version 7 of Globodox. In this post, we look at a few more…
Background Text Extraction/OCR
In earlier versions of Globodox, a document’s Text Extraction was performed at the time of adding the document. But now, beginning Version 7, this process will be performed in the background. The advantage: you can add multiple files (even hundreds of them at a time!) to Globodox much faster than before. You can do this because now you need not wait to add the next file until the Text Extraction for the current file is completed.
Draft Documents
Draft documents are temporary, intermediate documents which may be created while a team of users are working on the next major version of a document. Draft documents can have different access permissions as compared to published documents. Thus draft documents enable a team of users to securely collaborate on the next version of a document and also enable the modified document to be reviewed by another team of users (e.g. via a workflow) before it is made available to a larger set of users (e.g. an entire department or company).
Hierarchical Security Groups
Hierarchical Security Groups allow the creation of a hierarchical group tree. With the addition of this feature, users in a group will able to only access documents owned by their group and documents owned by their sub groups. Groups at the same level of hierarchy will not be able to access each other’s documents.
With these new features, Globodox helps you manage documents even more efficiently than before!
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