3 Reason to Choose Software with Both Document Management and Workflow

3 Reason to Choose Software with Both Document Management and Workflow

Did you know…
…Scanning paper-based documents will not help you achieve a paperless office automatically! Many of them are printouts.
You must stop creating new documents in paper form and switch to electronic document management and workflow.
Worldwide, organizations begin with a sincere desire to go paperless. But most of them find it difficult. The reason is simple: you cannot keep creating documents on paper and then scan them into your system and see your paper consumption fall. You must replace this system with an electronic one. But how can you do that if most of your processes are designed around paper documents? The challenge is to design and move to processes that use electronic document management and workflow together.
The Answer

Globodox is one such solution. It offers you document management software features combined with the benefits of document workflow software.

Here are 3 good reasons to use Globodox document management and workflow software…
Documents easily searchable
Globodox lets you scan your paper-based documents easily. You can index your documents and organize them by folders, tags, document types and even project-wise (by stacking documents related to the same project together). This, coupled with quick search and advanced search features, makes it easy to find documents within seconds. Finding documents quickly is a prerequisite to working with them.
Collaboration made easy
Globodox document management and workflow software allows you to edit documents easily using check-in and check-out features. You can also choose to save the edited version as a draft document. This lets you collaborate on the document with a restricted set of users. Other users will only be able to view the previous version of the document. This eliminates the chances of multiple users making changes to the document simultaneously. Once the document has been discussed on by this restricted set of users and no more changes are required, it can be published as the latest version. Globodox document management and workflow software lets you integrate this set of actions into an automated workflow.
Route documents electronically
Not all tasks require you to work on or refer to documents. But in a typical office, a majority of tasks do tend to be document-based. This means in order to get the task done, you must route the relevant document to the user who is supposed to perform that task. Globodox is a document management application that doubles up as document workflow software too. It lets you create workflows that mirror your paper-based processes. This means the moment you trigger an action related to the document, it is routed to the concerned user, notifying them to perform the relevant task. For example, you route a draft of an email to your senior for their review.
The points discussed above show that by using Globodox document workflow software, you can easily reduce and eventually eliminate the creation of documents in your business. The only exception is when you are legally or operationally required to possess the originals of documents created in paper format.


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