4 reasons why you need healthcare document management software

4 reasons why you need healthcare document management software

Healthcare facilities these days are some of the most modernized & automated facilities across any industry. From huge scanning machines, to instant testing kits & a swarm of medical staff ready to serve you at every step; you will almost always come out healthier & satisfied from a clinic or a hospital. And yet somehow, when it comes to medical documents – like billing, reports, prescriptions, patient history, personnel information, etc; none of it seems to be as coordinated as the rest of the medical facilities on offer. And this is exactly why you need a specialized healthcare document management software – a single digital repository of all your documents. A healthcare or medical document management software doesn’t just streamline document processes, it reduces overhead costs, reduces burden on medical staff, decreases time spent in document processes & accelerates patient diagnosis & treatment. Wanna know whether or not your healthcare facility is under productive due to unorganized paperwork? Here are 8 signs of medical document mismanagement that should clear your doubts.

Healthcare document management software

A few reasons why your hospital or medical facility needs a healthcare document management software:

Streamlined billing process:

One of the most tedious document processes at healthcare facilities, for patients & facilities alike, is the billing process. The billing department has to track the patient’s claims, adjust expenses incurred at various stages, make sure all the patient information is correct and up to date and provide all this information to the patient as quickly as possible, so they have enough time to procure the payments. A healthcare document management software streamlines the billing process so efficiently, you will be able to generate a bill in just a matter of minutes. Document management features such as metadata let you track & search thousands of documents with ease, automated indexing helps you automatically extract necessary information from standardized documents like insurance forms, workflow management tools let you get document approvals & digital signatures with the click of a button, and much more – allowing you to navigate through thousands of billing processes with ease.

Organized & accessible patient information:

A document management software helps hospitals & medical facilities organize & categorize all their documents, based on criteria such as patient name, date, diagnosis, doctor’s name, etc. This helps organize the document into different groups and makes it easier to locate them whenever required. A healthcare document management software also lets doctors & patients access medical records from anywhere at any time, allowing users round the clock access to medical diagnosis & treatments, anywhere on the planet.

Increased coordination between departments:

There are multiple departments at any medical facilities – like Outpatient department (OPD), Surgical Department, Inpatient Service (IP), Physical Medicine, Paramedical Department, Rehabilitation Department, etc. Quick, coordinated & accurate transfer of information between all departments is important for patients as well as healthcare providers. And that is where a medical document management software proves extremely useful. A document management software digitizes & automates all medical paperwork processes, allowing you to share valuable patient information with other users & departments in real-time. It also lets you share information with outside vendors such as testing labs, family physicians, insurance companies, etc.

Improved backend operations:

Although backend operations don’t directly affect the patients, they definitely impact the performance of the medical facility as a whole. A healthcare document management software helps you resolve operational issues like scheduling, staffing, shift allocation, etc – allowing you to focus on what’s really important, providing the best healthcare solutions to your patients. It also allows you to disseminate the same information across all departments, which reduces errors caused due to human interaction.

Better data security & compliance:

Medical facilities are required to adhere to HIPAA’s strict security & privacy guidelines, that mandate the safeguarding of all personal & medical information of patients – failing which facilities can lose their licenses, receive heavy fines & penalties, and can even be closed down. A medical document management software reduces the risk of non-compliance with features such as document tracking, one click document sharing, automated attestation of policy documents, etc. Document management software also provide additional protection to your documents with features such as document encryption, sharing control, two factor authentication, data archiving, and much more – helping you move to a completely secure & paperless documentation process.

If you’d like to upgrade your medical facility using a top-rated healthcare document management software, that provides all the features mentioned above, try our product GLOBODOX .GLOBODOX has been the go-to document management tool for many of hospitals & medical facilities worldwide, because of its adaptability, easy to use interface, and excellent customer support. For information about our features, pricing & offers, visit www.globodox.com or experience GLOBODOX first hand with our 30-day free trial.


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