5 reasons to choose Globodox as your Document Scanning Software

5 reasons to choose Globodox as your Document Scanning Software

Did you know…?
  • The average business document is photocopied 19 times.*
  • Organizations spend 45 cents/page to store a document but $3.50 to retrieve it.*
If thousands of your documents are copied several times, they are surely going to end up taking space somewhere – most likely in your office premises. The way out is to scan the paper based documents, preferably into a document management system. But can such a system do the job efficiently and prove to be a good document scanning system too?
The solution…
Many people believe that if you have a large paper archive, you need a specialized document scanning software (such as offered by document scanning companies). If you have a significant number of documents to scan on a daily basis but not as large as a huge archive, then an in-house document scanning software is enough. Thanks to Globodox, that is not true. You can scan your archives as well as routine documents efficiently, using Globodox document management software, if you go about it in a planned manner.
Globodox – the document scanning software that scans…and does more
Globodox document scanning software is an application that has an inbuilt document scanning system. It helps you scan and index documents, save them in a folder of your choice, as well as manage documents in multiple ways. Document scanning systems used by specialist document scanning companies usually have limited features. But Globodox offers you much more value, as businesses in over 50 countries have discovered.
Why Globodox is a valuable document scanning software
  • Handles both routine documents and archives
GLOBODOX document scanning software not only handles routine office documents but also handles paper archives very well. This is important for any document scanning solution that scans paper archives as it needs to function consistently well, no matter how many hours a day the scanning process lasts. You cannot afford to have your software application hang or slow down after a few hours of use.
  • Scan profiles
GLOBODOX allows you to save your frequently used scan setting as a scan profile. This saves you a lot of time when scanning the same type of document the next time onwards.
  • Better document indexing
When you outsource scanning to document scanning companies, their document scanning system may not be capable of indexing the files thoroughly or performing text extraction. But to make documents search-friendly, careful indexing is a must. GLOBODOX has text extraction as well as indexing features which make it not only a basic document scanning solution, but a solution to manage documents comprehensively.
  • Quick setup, no IT staff needed
When you give your paper-based documents to be scanned by document scanning companies, it takes up a lot of time. More decisions have to be made, like whether to scan offsite or onsite, signing the agreement, invoicing and collections, etc. But if you scan documents in-house, you can get started quickly. GLOBODOX document scanning software is very easy to install and configure. You don’t need an IT team to manage the implementation.
  • Free maintenance for 1 year
When you invest in GLOBODOX, you get a year of email technical support as well as access to all major and minor version upgrades.


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