5 reasons why every HR department needs document management software

5 reasons why every HR department needs document management software.

How long does it take for your HR department to find and deliver a stack of employee records, or to get approval on an employee’ holiday request, or to generate & collect feedback on employee forms? In most cases, and maybe even in your case, it takes a lot more time than it should. But that’s because most of us haven’t improved the way we manage documents since Y2K.
Today, thanks to the digital revolution and development in automation based tools, most of the above tasks can be taken care of by just a handful of employees, in a matter of minutes. One such automation based tool that has greatly improved the way we manage employee records, feedback forms & other HR documents, is an HR document management software. An HR document management system acts as the single point of access for all HR documents, and makes managing, organizing, searching, sharing & tracking these documents much easier.
Here is why every company needs an HR document management software:
1. Automates document indexing
Document indexing is the process of extracting important metadata from documents. In the case of HR departments, this metadata includes information like employee details, contact information, last CTC, employer feedback & more. An HR document management system automatically extracts metadata from every scanned or uploaded document, and stores them in their respective indexing fields. This makes it easier for HR managers to segregate documents into different groups, and locate them whenever they are required.
2. Supports document retrieval & archiving
Imagine accidently deleting a document your bosses spent a week creating. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? But not if you have an HR document management system. An HR document management software lets you retrieve deleted files from the system’s recycle bin. It also lets you retrieve files deleted by other members of your team, as long as the file is still available in the system’s recycle bin. It also allows you to archive important documents, to restrict other users from modifying or deleting them.
3. Streamlines employee feedback processes
Requesting employee feedback on a variety of topics & conducting performance evaluations are some of key responsibilities of the HR department. But more often than not, these processes are delayed due to low employee involvement, lengthy documentation and lack of a digital infrastructure like online forms, automated approvals & more. An HR document management system streamlines every aspect of the data collection & collation process, with features such as a built-in custom form typer, digital signatures & stamps, real-time comments & automatic extraction of metadata from every individual document.
4. Reduces information transfer & approval delays
An HR department has to constantly manage leave requests, update employee information, etc. Making sure that these requests & information reach the supervisors within a stipulated timeline is imperative to the morale of the employees & the functioning of the organization. An HR document management system lets you create a custom document approval workflow that replicates & automates every aspect of physical document approvals, online. It lets you select the number of approvers for every approval process, automatically transfers documents onto the next or previous step after they have been approved or disapproved, and also lets you reassign, modify or cancel pending workflow tasks with a single click.
5. Protects employee information from thefts & leaks
Physical documents and unprotected emails & storage applications are privy to damages, thefts & cyber attacks. Storing personal & financial information of the employees on such unprotected platforms can result in a huge loss for your organization. But with an HR document management system, your documents & data aren’t just better protected, you also have complete control over access to your documents. HR document management software provides security features such as an industry grade encryption system, document access control, security labels, content redaction, document tracking & more, which ensure that your employee information is always under your control.
These are just some of the benefits of investing in an HR document management software. And if you are looking for the perfect tool to upgrade & automate your HR document processes, check out our document management software GLOBODOX. GLOBODOX is a 5-star rated document management system that has been the go-to choice of more than 2500 businesses worldwide, including branches of world renowned brands like NASA, Hutch, Westin, FDA, Tata & many more.
GLOBODOX provides both on-premise and cloud based document management solutions. GLOBODOX provides every feature essential to HR document management, like metadata based search, built-in scanning & printing support, custom workflow automation, automated indexing, regular data backups, industry grade encryption, built-in form typer, document access control & much more. Try out GLOBODOX for yourself with our 30-day free trial.

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