5 Ways Document Scanning Leads to Improved Office Operations

5 Ways Document Scanning Leads to Improved Office Operations

Did you know…?

A Coopers & Lybrand study reveals that:

  • 70% of “white-collar” worker time is spent processing paper documents
  • 40% of worker’s time is spent searching for misfiled, misplaced, or lost documents
  • Most businesses do not have a backup for their paper-based documents and would be out of business in the event of a natural or other disasters

The solution…

Organizations today are aware of the need to go paperless, both for environmental reasons and for business benefits. What they need is appropriate guidance on how to go about it. Document scanning is the first step to digitize your office operations. Knowing how paper scanning leads to better management of work processes will help you understand the connection between the digitization of documents and improvement in office efficiency. But what is equally important is to choose the right solution that helps you achieve this.

Globodox can help improve your office operations

Thousands of businesses in over 50 countries have discovered that Globodox software for document scanning and management is the easiest way towards more efficient office operations. Globodox helps you scan all your paper documents and store them securely in one central location. Not only this, but it also provides all the tools you will need to organize and index these documents enabling you to find any document in seconds!

Benefits of using a document scanning software like Globodox
Here, we look at 5 ways how document scanning software Globodox leads to improved office operations, through better information management.

    • Digitizing paper archive

This involves using a document scanner and Globodox’s document scanning features to convert paper-based documents into electronic formats like PDF, TIFF, etc. For example, PDF scanning helps you convert a paper report into a PDF file that can be viewed, emailed, e-faxed. Scanning of paper archives is also known as back-scanning because you scan documents that have already been filed away and are no longer referred to frequently. Back-scanning helps convert your hundreds or thousands of documents (or more) into electronic files. This releases a tremendous amount of storage space because if you no longer need these paper-based documents, you can dispose of them. Also, it enables you to find and share your documents easily.

The result: Globodox helps lower your storage costs and improve efficiency.

  • Large document scanning

Paper scanning is not all about back-scanning, but about currently used documents as well. In certain industries, documents are traditionally of a large size, making them difficult to handle. When such documents are scanned, it becomes very easy to refer to their digital versions even if required frequently. No physical effort is involved in accessing them on your computer. Large document scanning, where applicable, is possible with the help of special scanners. Examples of such documents include floor plans for buildings, engineering drawings, artwork, etc.

  • Organizing documents effectively

Scanning a document into an electronic format allows you to index it. Indexing involves storing data about the document, like its document type, who created it or when it is due, etc. Document management software like Globodox also allows you to store such information enabling you to organize your documents. A well-organized document database helps you search for documents in a better way because you can use the information you have stored about the document as your search criteria. Other ways of organizing documents include using folders, tags, stack types, etc.

  • Document collaboration and workflows

Paper scanning of documents makes document-based collaboration very easy. For example, if you used PDF scanning to convert your paper documents to a PDF file then it enables you to route the PDF documents through a workflow. So a document can be routed electronically when it needs to be stamped or signed, confidential text hidden, or where certain clauses in the document need to be reviewed or approved, etc. None of this would be possible if the PDF scanning was not done first. Workflow automation saves time and effort and brings greater clarity to business processes. Globodox allows you to do all of this.

  • Controlled access to documents

A paper-based folder usually stores multiple documents of varying types. Now even if that folder contains a restricted document that some of your employees are not supposed to see, you cannot stop them from accessing that document. While flipping through other documents, they might accidentally glance at the restricted document. But if you have scanned all the documents in your folder, then you can restrict access to users, at a document level or folder level, especially if you use software like Globodox.

Note that without document scanning, none of the above is possible. But as soon as you convert your documents into digital formats, a whole new way of working opens up to you. Globodox is one good example of this. Globodox features an integrated set of tools for scanning, indexing, searching, securing, sharing, auditing and workflow. If you have not yet digitized your paper-based documents, you should seriously consider doing so, using Globodox software for document scanning and document management.


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