Are you sure your business documents are disaster proof?

Are you sure your business documents are disaster proof?

South East Asia was hit by a massive earthquake measuring 8.7 on the Richter scale. Shockwaves were felt in about 28 countries. This just goes to show how vulnerable our planet Earth is.
While governments rescue people from the sites of a natural disaster, what cannot escape to safety with you are your personal and business records. There have been cases where people have come back when the situation improved and found all their documents destroyed. You too might have stored your document archives in paper form – possibly at a disaster prone location. Are you sure your organization’s document databases will be safe in the event of a natural disaster? Are they securely backed up?
We recommend the following 3-Step back-up plan to secure your organization’s documents…
  1. Digitize your paper archive and current documents using a scanner and secure them using enterprise document management software like Globodox.
  2. Move your paper archives to a branch office that is not in a disaster prone area. If you do not have adequate storage space (or if your firm does not have any branches) you could consider hiring an offsite storage service provider. Before you sign up for such a service, dispose of all documents that no longer need to be stored in paper form. This will help you minimize storage costs.
  3. Back up your electronic document repository online using a good online backup service whose servers are not housed in disaster prone areas. Some service providers store your data on multiple servers housed at different geographic locations. So even if one of the servers is destroyed in a disaster event, your documents would still be safe as they would be stored on other servers too. The main benefit of backing up your documents online is that when you’re back in business, you can quickly recover your documents and resume operations.
Pull out all stops by using this plan to  make sure your documents (which may include legal evidence, customer information etc.)  stay safe!

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