Automate document indexing using Zone Maps

Automate document indexing using Zone Maps

Certain documents like electricity bills, bank statements etc. look the same month after month. No matter what the amount is every month, the document’s design stays the same. So you have the amount field in the same place, the date field in the same spot and so on. Have you ever wished that you didn’t have to manually enter indexing information for each month’s document that is similar looking? Well, Globodox document indexing software has a solution for you!

Use zone maps – save time, save effort

The Zone Maps feature in Globodox document indexing software lets you recognize scanned text and bar codes in specific areas of a scanned document and then automatically store the recognized values in their corresponding fields. Let’s look at an example to understand how you can save your time and effort using zone maps…

Let’s say your organization receives many paper-based invoices from a company called ACME. Normally, you would scan and add these invoices to Globodox and then manually enter data such as Company Name, Invoice Number and Date into the indexing fields (data fields). However, since all invoices from this particular company contain the Company Name, Invoice Number and Date at the same location, you can use the Zone Maps feature to mark these areas (zones) on the document and link them to their respective indexing fields. Then with the help of the OCR engine, the text will be extracted from the document and be automatically stored in the linked fields. This would eliminate the need for manual indexing for this series of documents from ACME. The same process can be repeated for other documents that are similar.

Zone maps would work even if the company printed the Invoice Number in the form of a bar code. In that case, you would mark the area (zone) where the bar code is located and then tell Globodox to expect a bar code in that zone.

One of the goals of document indexing software like Globodox is to save your time by helping you automate your work as much as possible. Zone Maps help you with this at a very important stage in the life of an electronic document – the indexing stage. Click here to learn more about Zone Maps or download the Globodox manual (PDF)

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