Automate your document processes with these 5 unique GLOBODOX features

Automate your document processes with these 5 unique GLOBODOX features

GLOBODOX is one of the world’s top rated document management & automation tools. This isn’t just something we like to bring up (every chance we get), it really is true. Just ask any of the 2500+ businesses that have trusted us with their document management needs over the past two decades. One of the reasons why GLOBODOX is the preferred choice of its users is because we provide one of the most complete document management solutions in the industry.

From five different ways of organizing documents into manageable groups, to advanced search features that might even let you find a needle in a haystack, to countless automation features that completely eliminate physical document processes like automated indexing, archiving, signing, stamping, approvals and more, GLOBODOX provides every document management solution a user might need.

But this article isn’t about the features you have already heard us talk about a million times. It’s about GLOBODOX’s lesser known or unique features that we haven’t presented to you as often. So let’s see what some of these hidden GLOBODOX features are and how they can benefit your business.

1. Zone Mapping

Just like the penalty box on a football field or the 3-point line on a basketball court, a zone is a defined area that separates itself from the rest. In our case, it is a defined area on a document. But how does defining a zone on any document be useful? Well what if you could define document zones and ask GLOBODOX to extract information or text only from the defined zones? That’s exactly what zone mapping does. Zone mapping lets users define zones & ask GLOBODOX to extract and store information only from the defined zones. Zone mapping lets you automatically extract & index text information like serial number, amount, date, client contact information & more from thousands of invoices, purchase orders, stock replenishment reports, legal contracts, etc within seconds.

2. Watch Folder

Watch folder is your totally automated document organization assistant. Let’s say your employees come across thousands of documents on a daily basis, most of which are stored in different folders & subfolders on their Windows drive. How do you ensure that all these documents are uploaded to a common interface for safekeeping? You use GLOBODOX’s watch folders. Watch folder directs GLOBODOX to watch certain folders on your Windows system, and automatically import new documents coming into those folders to GLOBODOX. Watch folder ensures that all your business documents are accessible through one common interface, and also protects them from getting misplaced.

3. Customer Portal

Customer portal is a safe & secure way of giving clients access to their documents, and ensuring them of their document’s safety. Customer portal is like a self service platform which clients can use to access their documents from anywhere, at any time. Customers can simply login and search for their documents, and also download them if required. It can also be used to share project updates, new proposals, invoices, etc, and store customer information like important dates, billing & shipping address & more.

4. Expiry Date

How many of you have lost personal time or spent extra hours deleting old, unnecessary documents? We certainly have. But with GLOBODOX’s automated document disposal, you will never have to waste time deleting documents again. GLOBODOX lets you decide when you would like a document to automatically be deleted, by setting an expiry date for the document. For eg. you can decide to automatically delete invoices added to GLOBODOX after 7 years from the date of the invoice. You can direct GLOBODOX to delete documents on their expiration date or choose to delete or restore expired documents manually. This reduces the clutter in your GLOBODOX database and frees up space for new documents.

5. Destination Profiles

Let’s say you have been tasked to import & categorize thousands of invoices, from multiple clients, into different folders, document types, stacks & more, every single day. This task is extremely time consuming & tedious, but with GLOBODOX’s destination profiles feature, you can automate the entire process. Destination Profiles are a collection of information about a document, like its document type, its stack, and its folder, which can be saved & reused to organize documents. You can simply create a destination profile for every client invoice, and direct GLOBODOX to automatically segregate newly added invoices into their respective folders, document types & stacks based on their destination profile.

Now that you have read about all these unique features, you must be eager to know how to use them. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just visit GLOBODOX Tutorials to learn where you can access these features, how to enable or disable them and how to use them to your advantage. And if you still have any questions, just connect with your customer service representative or write to us on


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