Can my company implement a document management system?

Can my company implement a document management system?

Turning your organization into a paperless one can turn everything upside down. New processes will have to be drawn, employees will have to be trained and equipment will have to be brought in. But, there are many advantages to going digital. Here are things to take into consideration when deciding whether it is the right time for your organization to implement a document management system.

Do you have the Time?
It may take time to implement a document management system, especially if you want to incorporate complex workflow processes. A slow and steady process will ensure that transition to a paperless office will be smooth. It will give your employees time to learn the new processes.

Are you willing to spend more to save more?
Implementing a mature digital document management system is not cheap. You will have to bring in equipment, change a few processes and get a document management software like GLOBODOX to manage your digital documents. However, in the long run, it is cheaper because you greatly improve the efficiency at the office and also save on storage space.

Do you want better communication?
How many times have you got frustrated with the slow communication at the office? Reports and documents can take time to reach their destination and come back. This can further hinder the efficiency at the office.
With an eDMS, such a hassle is significantly reduced as the file is uploaded onto the server, approvals are given faster and the right people can immediately access it.

Looking to improve the accessibility at your office?
An organization that still has paper documents often experiences employees who waste time hunting for important documents. They have to visit the archive room to dig through boxes and find documents. This is going to affect their productivity.
An eDMS simplifies the whole process and makes it accessible. Your organizational members won’t even have to get off their seat. All the files will be accessible through the computer system.

Do you want to improve your Security?
Managing the security of paper documents is difficult. They have to be kept safe as all documents should not be accessed by everyone.
A security level can be designated to every user to decide which folder a user can and cannot access. This way, senior level managers in your company can easily share documents without any worry of breaching confidentiality.

Do you want to manage your documents better?
A document management system sounds like a simple change, but it can have immense implications in improving the processes and efficiency at your organization. The time it takes to store and access documents goes down tremendously.
If you are willing to give it time, invest resources and improve your organization, then YES, you can implement a document management system. And by using GLOBODOX, you are sure to have a successful transition.


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