Capture Email automatically and Manage Email using Globodox

Capture Email automatically and Manage Email using Globodox


Automatically capture email from POP3 servers…
Manage email messages and attachments just like other documents!

Why use document management software to manage email?
You might ask “Why capture email and manage email using document management software?” The answer to this lies in understanding what a document is. A document is basically a file that carries information. Email not only carries information but valuable, structured communication. This makes email a type of document too. So when all your other documents are stored in a centralized repository, why should email be considered any less and not be managed similarly?

Here are 3 reasons to get document management software to capture email and then manage email:

    • Systematic way to manage files

Document management software lets you scan paper-based documents as well as import documents in electronic formats. You can organize documents in several search-friendly ways, edit them and securely collaborate on them.

    • Integration with the rest of document database

As your other documents would be stored in the document management system, email messages, as well as their attachments, can share common folders, tags, document types, stack types, etc. with them. So you can work across email documents and other documents in a seamless way. You can also send email from within your document management application.

    • Automatically route email

Using digital workflows, you can automatically route email messages for review and email attachments for review and approval; e.g. routing a draft agreement received via email, to the Manager for approval.

Globodox is an enterprise document management solution that offers you all the above benefits.

How to capture email automatically using Globodox?

You can configure Globodox to automatically capture emails from POP3 servers and store them in its database. The process of email capture can be summed up below:

  • Configure Globodox to capture emails from POP3 servers automatically.
  • Globodox captures an email.
  • It automatically separates the email message from its attachments.
  • It stores them as separate, individual documents.
  • It automatically links the email message to each of its attachments.

In addition to automatic email capture, Globodox also lets you drag and drop email messages and their attachments from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, and Thunderbird 9.x. You can also add email messages and their attachments to a folder in Globodox by importing them from the hard disk. Note that the automatic separation of email messages from their attachments is done only for email captured from POP3 servers.

How does Globodox help you manage email?
Here are 2 ways how document management software Globodox helps you organize and find files using document indexing:

    • Search email captured from POP3 servers

We said that Globodox automatically stores an email message and its attachments as separate documents in themselves. What this means is, you can search for an attachment independently of its message. You need not first look for the message to access the attachments that are linked to it. You can directly search for the attachment as it is a document in its own right – just like any other document.

  • Globodox also links the email message to its attachments. So while reading the email message, if you need to refer to any of its attachments, all you need to do is double-click the relevant link and the attachment is there in front of you!
  • Both these features can be huge time-savers if you work with a lot of email attachments.
  • Manage email in general:
    Whether you capture email from POP3 servers or in any other way, Globodox lets you index email, organize these documents and securely share them with specific users just like other documents. You can collaborate on email messages/attachments, route them automatically for review, approval, etc. and track user actions performed on them too!

Using document management software is indeed a systematic way to automatically capture email and manage email.


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