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Drag & Drop documents from Sohodox/Globodox to a Windows folder
We wanted to make copying documents out of  Sohodox and Globodox as simple as possible, actually as simple as drag and drop. So here’s the new drag and drop feature to make your life easier. This feature is available in both Globodox and Sohodox. This feature allows you to drag and drop documents from Sohodox/Globodox to a Windows folder, ...

Export Folder structure
We had included a new feature in Globodox (version which allows you to export folders along with their sub folders and documents to any destination on your local disk. Using this feature you can supply documents to your regulator or clients in a format that doesn’t need any third party software and retains a simple structure that they...

Search for Folders and Tags
We know how difficult it becomes to search for folders especially when you have hundreds of them. So to save your time, we introduced a new feature (in Version which will allow you to search for Folders as well as Tags. Continue reading

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