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Globodox Version 7.5 Released – Download Now!
We are happy to announce the release of Globodox version 7.5! Globodox 7.5 comes to you with highly useful features, improved performance as well as language support! You can download the full setup or the update setup from the Downloads page. What’s new in version 7.5? Language Support: From version 7.5, the Globodox setup will be separately available with...

What you should know about upgrading to Version 7.3 of Globodox
The release of Globodox 7.3 affects users in some important ways. The effect varies, depending on whether you are an existing Globodox customer using version and above or are still evaluating the software. Let’s look at these implications…

Version 7.3 of Globodox released with new features!
We are very glad to announce the release of a new version of Globodox – version (or simply ver. 7.3). The full setup and update setup are both available on the web site for download. Globodox 7.3 brings some useful features and will make managing documents even simpler than before. Have a look at them: Import and store...

Download the latest version of Globodox!
It’s been almost 2 weeks since we released version 7.2 of Globodox. This is a follow-up blog post to the new version release announcement. If you are

Globodox version 7.2 released!
Here’s more proof that Globodox is abuzz with activity! We have just released a version update of Globodox – version (or simply ver. 7.2). The full setup and the update setup both are now available for download from here. The update brings to you a couple of carefully thought out new features and several bug fixes that will...

Version 7.1 of Globodox now live – available for download!
We have released Globodox version 7.1! The full setup of Globodox 7.1 and the update setup are both available for download from here. This new release comes less than 2 months since we released Globodox 7.  Version 7.1 fixes many bugs that users had encountered and communicated to us.

Use your Windows user name and password to login to Globodox
Does your organization or department have a large number of employees? Well, if it does, then your IT team knows just how challenging it can get managing user profiles for multiple applications for each employee. Globodox 7 though, has a solution for you…Windows Active Directory Integration.  What exactly is Windows Active Directory Integration? 

New privileges added to ‘roles’ in Globodox
In the eyes of Globodox, as you know, users are basically grouped according to the role they have been assigned. Every role has a set of privileges that can be added to it or removed from it, thus impacting the tasks that can be performed by users who have been assigned that role. In order to make your work...

Update Setup for Globodox 7 Released!
We have released the update setup for Globodox 7 today.  Download it here  For detailed information about upgrading to Globodox Version 7, read this blog post  Upgrade to Version 7 Now!

Globodox Core is now Globodox Standard
With the release of version 7, Globodox Core has been renamed Globodox Standard. Here is what you need to know about the change:  No change in prices – neither for the software itself not for Upgrade and Support. More modules (add-ons) are available for Globodox Standard than were available for Globodox Core. Find out which ones they are >>...

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