Digitize Your Paper Archive through Office Document Scanning

Digitize Your Paper Archive through Office Document Scanning

Did you know?
An Infotrends study reveals that organizations print, copy & fax more than a trillion pages each year (that’s 1,000,000,000,000 pages). That’s a huge amount by any standard! As your business grows, so does your demand for paper. Your business needs a better way to manage information than by using paper-based documents.
The solution
Businesses can manage information in a better way through office document scanning. This will convert your paper-based documents into electronic formats like PDF, TIFF, etc. This way you can digitize the majority of your active paper-based documents. If you have a large paper archive, you can also opt for bulk document scanning of past records.
Office document scanning made easier, with GLOBODOX
Whether you plan on bulk document scanning or scanning documents on a daily basis, a good way to do so is to use document management software like GLOBODOX. GLOBODOX can not only help you with simple office document scanning, but it also helps you organize your documents in search-friendly ways. Businesses in over 50 countries have found out that GLOBODOX offers a simple and structured way of scanning documents and managing them.
Benefits of scanning documents using GLOBODOX
Here, we look at 5 ways document scanning using GLOBODOX leads to improved office operations, through better information management.
1. Versatile GLOBODOX can help you manage bulk document scanning as well as scanning documents on a daily basis.
2. Save time GLOBODOX can help you manage bulk document scanning as well as scanning documents on a daily basis.
3. Better organization Scanned files can be indexed according to pre-specified process guidelines – this makes searching documents easier.
4. Sharable Office document scanning allows you to email them, save them to a CD/DVD or even share them via GLOBODOX itself. Paper-based documents cannot be shared in multiple ways.
5. Security Scanning documents makes them more secure because using GLOBODOX, you can control access to documents using role-based permissions.
6. Backup and retrieval If your paper-based document archive and routine documents are destroyed by fire or other such disaster events, your documents are gone forever. But if you have scanned your documents into GLOBODOX, you can easily back them up online and recover them when you have resumed operations.
Some GLOBODOX Features
1. Helps you scan, index and organize documents with ease
2. Multiple ways to search documents – find them in a snap!
3. Email, print and fax documents from within GLOBODOX
4. Easy to import and export documents and folders
5. Check-in/Check-out documents and control document versions
6. Share/Restrict documents by granting role-based permissions
7. Create workflows to replace your paper-based business processes
8. High level of security using document-level access control, encryption etc.
9. Keep an audit trail of actions performed by users in GLOBODOX


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