Document management software for small businesses | Busting myths & listing benefits

Document management software for small businesses | Busting myths & listing benefits.

Just to be absolutely clear, every business needs a good & reliable document management software (DMS). It organizes the paperwork, secures business information, automates workflow processes, saves costs, reduces working hours, improves productivity & literally helps save the planet. The list can go on. The reason why we are focusing on small businesses is because most medium & large scale businesses already have a designated way of managing their documents & information, whereas most smaller businesses do not. So in this article, we will try to remove the stigma surrounding document management software & tell you how smaller businesses can benefit from them.
Busting The Myths:
Here are a few misconceptions people have about document management software, and why none of it is true:
DMS are too expensive:
Yes, paper is cheaper & maybe, just maybe, a little more conducive. But add the primary and secondary costs related to paper based processes, like cost of inventory, folders, filing cabinets, stationery, storage space, delays in information transfer, human errors, damages, misplacement, etc, and you immediately understand why a document management software is a better option. Also, most DMS are affordably priced and some are even free to use. You will always find a DMS that fits in your budget & provides everything you need.
DMS are difficult to learn:
Most document management software are designed for the average user. They are modeled after popular apps like Outlook, Gmail, etc, and are fairly easy to master. Users can also avail the services of the customer support team, which is always available to help them out with their queries.
DMS are less secure:
DMS provides additional security features like document encryption, access control, event logs & regular security updates to ensure that your documents are always protected against thefts & leaks.
DMS doesn’t provide enough features:
DMS supports plenty of document management features that are not provided by other basic documentation apps, like document versioning, automated indexing & archiving, workflow automation, metadata based filing & search, OCR text recognition, built-in scanning & virtual printing & much more.
DMS have hidden costs:
DMS vendors are clear about the pricing of their products. Some DMS provide additional features at an added cost, but even that information is made available to the users before the purchase. Users are always aware of what they are purchasing, as well as the costs associated with the purchase.
DMS are prone to breakdowns:
DMS are designed by some of the best programmers in the industry, and most DMS have been in the market for decades, with clients that include many top MNCs & Fortune 500 companies. It is highly unlikely that your DMS will break down at any given instant. Assuming, for some reason, the DMS stops working. In such a case, your data will already be backed up on secure on-premise or cloud based servers – something you can’t expect from paper.
Benefits of Document Management Software to Small Businesses:
Now that we have understood what document management software isn’t, let’s see what it is. And let’s list down a few reasons why small businesses need to invest in a document management software:
Improves information accessibility:
One of the primary reasons why small businesses need to switch to a document management software is because it allows you to access your information from anywhere, at any time. A document management software provides you with a web & mobile API, which lets you edit, store, manage or share your documents from your office, store, warehouse, or even from the comfort of your home. You no longer have to miss important events just to transfer or approve a few urgent documents.
Lets you work with a smaller team:
Most small businesses employ additional staff to manage their documents. But with reliable document management software & a few days of training, most of your paperwork, including accounting, HR, inventory, compliance, taxation, audits, etc, can be managed by just a couple of your employees.
Streamlines document processes:
Day-to-day document processes such as document filing, search, tracking, approvals, transfers, indexing, archiving, etc are time consuming & difficult to keep track of. A document management software streamlines all your document processes at one place, and provides you with all the tools necessary to create a more organised & productive work environment for your business.
Increases data security:
Protecting your company, employee & client information is one of basic responsibilities of any small or large business. More so, maintaining a certain standard of data security also helps you comply with various national & international data security protocols like GDPR, HIPAA, PCI CSS, etc. A document management software provides plenty of security features that allow you to track & protect your documents at every stage, like two-factor authentication, security labels, content redaction, document encryption, sharing control, event logs, data retention, & much more.
Provides the blueprint for a complete digital transformation:
Most smaller businesses still rely on conventional technologies for doing business & attracting new clients. But it is a widely accepted fact that in the next few decades, most businesses will have to switch to modern digital tools to sustain & grow their business. A document management software acts as the first step towards your digital transformation. It teaches you better & more efficient ways of managing, tracking & sharing information, and allows you to transition to a completely digital, paperless workplace.
Now you might ask, ‘Which document management software should I go for?’ The answer: whichever DMS satisfies your requirements at a reasonable cost. List down processes or departments in your company that can benefit from document management software, and find a DMS that provides you with the appropriate solutions. And if you are looking for such a DMS, we’d suggest you check out our document management software, GLOBODOX. GLOBODOX is a 5-star rated DMS with presence in over 60 countries. GLOBODOX has worked with more than 2500 clients, including NASA, Hutch, Westin Hotels & Resorts, FDA, and many more. GLOBODOX’s user-friendly design & easy to learn features have helped it become one of the top-rated document management software in countries like the USA, UK, India, Netherlands, Canada, UAE, etc.
Visit our website to know more about our features & pricing, or to take our 30-day free trial. Let’s grow your small business together!

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