Emerging Electronic Medical Records (EMR) markets may leapfrog developed nations: Accenture Study

Emerging Electronic Medical Records (EMR) markets like Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Russia, India and China “may experience rapid growth in the coming years. In fact, they may leapfrog developed nations’ levels of EMR adoption and usage,” said ITAZ CEO Shiraz Ahmed, citing a study conducted by Accenture. He was addressing the participants at the Electronic Medical Records Seminar held on October 28 at Bandar Sunway, Malaysia.

The seminar highlighted how managing medical records electronically can help the healthcare industry boost its operational efficiency, make life easier for doctors and help eliminate hassles for patients. Adopting EMR would help doctors to access patient reports quicker then before, enabling them to begin treating the patients promptly. For the patients, this would mean their treatment begins early and they recover sooner.

An added but significant benefit of managing records electronically is drastic reduction in the consumption of paper. Going paper free is not just eco-friendly; it also helps organizations cut costs in terms of time, effort and money. In fact, the EMR event coincided with the World Paper Free Day.

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