Everything New Coming to GLOBODOX With Version 14

Everything New Coming to GLOBODOX With Version 14

GLOBODOX v14 Video Tutorials Blog post

It’s been a long time coming but GLOBODOX v14 is finally here, and it’s better than ever. The latest update has an array of new features specially designed to make your GLOBODOX experience even better, and countless other bug fixes & improvements requested by our ever-growing GLOBODOX community.

The update slated for 2021 was delayed due to the covid-19 pandemic, which had a rather harsh impact on our team. But the hiatus also provided us with much-needed time to reflect upon our product offerings & ways of making them better for our users. Thankfully covid-19 is behind us & we can get back to focusing on what we do best – providing quality document management solutions. So without much further ado, here are all the new features of GLOBODOX v14 & their benefits.

GLOBODOX Version 14 New Features

1. Field Notification

You can now set email reminders for documents that are due on a particular date (for a Document or Stack Type). This can be done by specifying the DB Name, Entity Name, Field Name, Date Range and email ID in a config file in Program Files.

For eg: Let’s say you have a Document Type called Invoice with multiple invoices and you want email reminders for all invoices with a due date falling within the next 15 days.

To set this up, you will need to insert the following in the config file…

“database_display_name”: “MainDB”,
“entity_name”: “Invoice”,
“field_name”: “Invoice Due Date”,
“notification_period_in_days”: 15,
“globdoox_users_to_notify”: “superadmin, john”,
“email_addresses_to_notify”: johnsmith@gmail.com

In the above example, you have specified the field name as “Invoice Due Date” and the notification period as 15 days. Hence, GLOBODOX will look in the ‘Invoice Due Date’ field & send an email to johnsmith@gmail.com for every invoice that is due within the next 15-day period. You can also add multiple emails in the config file by separating them with a comma (,).

Benefit: Field Notification tells you on what date a document is expiring or due for other courses of action. This means that you can either delete the document manually on its due date or perform other actions like changing the document’s expiration date, moving the document to the Archive DB or more.

2. Dashboard

You now have access to a Dashboard for reviewing ‘Documents Added, Document Checked-in, Average Workflow Time, Average Workflow Task Time’ and more within a particular Date range. This feature is available for both Standard and Suite GLOBODOX users.

For eg: If you want to see the number & type of documents added to GLOBODOX in the last 30 days, go to Dashboard, select Documents Added & choose the time period.

GLOBODOX will display the following;

  • Total number of documents added
  • Types of documents added (Invoices, Reports, Plans, Documents, etc)
  • Number of documents added within an individual type

If a document does not belong to any document type, it will be displayed under ‘Documents’.

Benefit: Dashboard features such as Documents Added & Documents Checked-in allow you to review past & current user activity, and features such as Average Workflow Time & Average Workflow Task Time allow you to formulate better plans for upcoming workflow tasks.

3. Full-text Search in SQL Standard & MySQL

GLOBODOX now offers a much faster Full-Text Search feature for MS SQL Server Standard and MySQL.

For eg: If you enable the new ‘Full Text’ search feature and enter a search term in the search bar, GLOBODOX will display all the documents that contain that search term in their content.

Benefit: Full-text Search allows you to find documents with the help of keywords & phrases in the document’s content. It also ensures that the search results appear much faster, even for the very large DBs.

4. Video Tutorials

Along with the release of version 14 we are also launching a Video Tutorials section, which will have hundreds of tutorials about using GLOBODOX. These tutorials will be available on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/globodox and also on our website at GLOBODOX Video Tutorials

Benefit: Video tutorials will provide you with a detailed understanding of GLOBODOX’s features & functionalities like how to create document types, how to assign security labels & much more.

5. A new Sample DB

With GLOBODOX v14, we ship a new Sample DB called ‘Great Goa Tours’. Great Goa Tours DB will be beneficial for new users who want a better understanding of GLOBODOX mainly since the comprehensive new Video Tutorials we are shipping are based around the Great Goa Tours DB.

Benefit: The new Sample DB will show you how your document types & stacks appear in GLOBODOX. The new Sample DB has been modelled as the ‘Great Goa Tours’ to match the video tutorials available on our youtube channel & website.

GLOBODOX Version 14 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Error when Printing a report in Workflow Management Console.
  • Fixed: Export Wizard showing blank data when navigating between Document Types.
  • Fixed: Workflow definition in the Workflow Designer Open dialog.
  • Fixed: Error when specifying a picklist field with 252 characters.
  • Fixed: Annotation printing on documents less than or equal to A3 size.
  • Fixed: Error when exporting more than 10000 documents.
  • Fixed: Mismatch in the search result in GLOBODOX Reports and GLOBODOX.
  • Fixed: Error when logging into GLOBODOX with another Windows user.
  • Fixed: Inactivity Timeout in GLOBODOX.
  • Fixed: Inability to open routed document (attachment) in new document type with ID as 2000 in new DB.
  • Improved: Lookup dialog fixes from GLOBODOX v13 are now available for Security Label, share Restrict and Assign dialog.
  •  Fixed: Error when opening attachments in the Web Client for a Task.

How to Update to GLOBODOX Version 14?

You can take a free trial of GLOBODOX Version 14 or contact us at sales@globodox.com for more details on how you can update your current version to GLOBODOX Version 14.

But Wait, There’s More

Since you had to wait slightly longer for GLOBODOX version 14, we are glad to announce that newer versions will be delivered faster than expected. Our development team has already begun working on the next big updates and here are a few things you can expect from upcoming versions of GLOBODOX…

What to Expect | GLOBODOX upcoming releases

  • Creation of Document Types and Stack Types via the Web Client
  • Multi-factor Authentication in the Web Client
  • Integration with DocuSign
  • Recognition of QR Code and Barcode Type PDF 417
  • Print barcode/QR code on the document
  • Search in Note and Text annotation
  • Microsoft Office Integration
  • Annotation Integration with Web Client
  • Automated Backup

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