Find Files Fast using File Management Software

Find Files Fast using File Management Software

Spend less time searching and more time working on documents!
Find files fast through Quick and Advanced Searches. Full-text search helps find files based on their
Every organization wants to find files fast. It helps employees get down to actually working on the document – the reason for searching it in the first place! When they start working on a document right away, they can accomplish more in the given amount of time. This translates into increased productivity and improved efficiency. But it all starts with finding the required document quickly. The best way to do this is to use document management software.
Why use file management software to organize files fast?
You may wonder “Why use such software when my Windows file management system could possibly do the job?” The fact is, document management software offers multiple ways to organize and search documents – way more than your PC’s file management system. Let’s look at some…
  • Arrange documents by Folders:
  • When files are organized systematically into folders and sub-folders, they can be traced very quickly just by expanding the folder tree. Good document management software will allow you to import your folder tree from your computer and retain its hierarchy. GLOBODOX is one solution that allows you to drag and drop entire folders from your PC or laptop as it is – no need to rearrange files. You can arrange folders department-wise, project-wise, process-wise, etc.
  • Quick Search: This works just like Google and other Internet search engines. Simply type in your search term or phrase and the software will show a list of documents from which you can open the one you were looking for!
  • Advanced Search: You can also retrieve documents using multiple search criteria; e.g. Document Title, Created By, Added On, etc.
  • Full-Text Search: Document management software normally uses optical character recognition (OCR) to extract text from images. Text is also extracted from other types of documents – word files, for instance. You can type in a search term that is part of the text contained in the document. The software will display a list of all documents containing that text.
How GLOBODOX file management software help to organize your files
True, GLOBODOX does offer standard features that most good file management software offers. But GLOBODOX also lets you find files fast using some creative ways to look for documents. Let’s see how:
  • Tagging documents:
  • This way you can classify documents by adding labels to them. In GLOBODOX, these labels are called ‘tags’. For e.g., bills paid in February 2012 can be tagged as ‘paid-feb-2012’. Documents can either be searched using GLOBODOX’s navigation pane where files are nested under their respective tags or you can use Advanced Search with the search criterion as ‘tag’. This is a very convenient way to find files fast.
  • Classifying files using Document Types:
  • This lets you store indexing information based on the type of document you have stored in GLOBODOX. GLOBODOX is shipped with a few built-in document types like Invoices, Checks, etc. Once a document type is selected, the file can be retrieved using one of several indexing criteria. Note that choosing a document type for the document will not remove it from the original folder where it is located. You can also add more document types of your own based on your organization’s requirements. For example, store all invoices received under the ‘Invoices’ document type. You can create indexing fields of your choice for each document type. For e.g., for ‘Invoices’ above, you can create fields and store details like Received From, Date Received, etc.
More reasons to find files fast using GLOBODOX file management software
    • Free Trial – fully-featured
    • Easy to download, install and start using
    • Free Maintenance Subscription for One Year from the date of purchase.


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