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What is file indexing?
Any document that you store digitally has several properties; e.g. Date Created, Payment Status, etc. Often the content of the document may not have this information. The reason is that this information (also called metadata) is about the document rather than part of the document. It is a record of the document. The process of entering such information about the document is called file indexing. The information fields are called data fields. File indexing can help you find files based on these data fields.
How does file indexing software help find files in a quicker way?
When you scan or import a document into your system but have not indexed it, you can search for it only in limited ways. For instance, if you have imported a document titled Daily Sales Report_ 2011, you can look for it based only on that title. But if you have indexed that document, then you would have stored relevant details about that document like Creator, Created On, etc. Each of these data fields is a potential search criterion that will help you find the document quickly using advanced search.
2 ways GLOBODOX uses file indexing to help you find files quickly
Here are 2 ways file indexing software GLOBODOX helps you organize and find files:
  • Document Types
  • Agreements, Checks, Invoices, Reports, etc. – these are examples of document types. GLOBODOX is shipped with a few common document types pre-installed. You can add or remove them as per your requirements. You can add indexing fields to these document types. What’s more, you can even add unique document types to suit your organization’s requirements and add custom indexing fields too for these! This means multiple, precise ways to find files.
  • Tags
  • Assigning tags to a document is a quick way of indexing it. You can use words that describe the document; e.g. ’email’, ‘checklist’ etc. If you believe a user would type certain words in the search box to look for the document, you should add those words as tags. Or you could use words with the same meaning like ‘invoice’, ‘bill’, etc. so in cases where you have used say, ‘invoice’, the user looking for the document would find it even if they typed-in ‘bill’.
Why use GLOBODOX file indexing software to find files?
File Indexing Software involves a series of steps that can be divided into the following stages:
  • Capture
  • This stage covers scanning of paper-based documents as well as importing documents that already exist in electronic formats. Document Indexing is part of this stage.
  • Secure
  • In order to store and work with documents without compromising on their confidentiality, you need to secure them. GLOBODOX lets you do this using document-level access control, encryption, etc.
  • Manage
  • This stage begins with organizing documents systematically so you can find files easily. It also covers steps like searching for documents, editing them, etc.
  • Collaborate
  • In this stage, documents can be securely shared with other users in your GLOBODOX network. Members of a team can modify documents, save drafts, review them and publish the approved draft documents – based of course, on the type of access they have been granted.
  • Automate
  • Here, you can create digital equivalents of your paper-based processes. You can then route documents automatically to users so they can perform the relevant process-related tasks. This is done by running digital workflows.
GLOBODOX file indexing software does not stop at document indexing but covers activities spanning the entire document management spectrum. It thus builds on the foundation of capturing the document and its properties by helping you find files quickly and work on them too. This lets you focus on the tasks that will help you achieve the process goals as planned.
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