Four Quick Steps to Synchronize and Simplify Accounting with GLOBODOX

Four Quick Steps to Synchronize and Simplify Accounting with GLOBODOX

Accounting documents form an ecosystem that is completely different from the regular office documents. Bills, invoices, receipts, everything is a record, and everything marks a transaction of some sort. However if you look at the accounting processes, each of them have a mind of their own, and it takes great effort to synchronize everything (which sometimes is an additional process too). So one could picture accounting as a giant clock, ticking all the time, moving forward. Obviously the clock runs on millions of small gears and turning wheels, which in this case would be documents. Yet, in real life accounting hardly functions like a clock, and if it does it’s probably not very accurate. The reason is various process failures that occur time and again and the general difficulties in synchronizing all the documents that are created every day. This is why a powerful eDMS like GLOBODOX is really great. Here are four simple steps in which you can synchronize and simplify the entire accounting process.

Store and find Invoices and Bills easily with search centric design
When documents are stored manually, there is always an issue of not being sure about the exact location of files. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where a colleague has stored a particular file or sometimes the file gets stored in the previously stored location. With GLOBODOX, you can tag your files (e.g. invoices, checks, and so on). Also you can group the files using stacks, which have their own indexing information. You can link multiple documents and stacks. What’s more, because of the search centric design, GLOBODOX helps in finding the right document in an instant. This saves productive time and obviously improves the functioning of the entire department.
Automating and defining new processes on the go
A large part of accounting function is to automate processes to minimize the errors. With GLOBODOX’s comprehensive workflow management activities and tools you can easily create new processes that help you decide the flow of important documents for approvals and payments. Once automated, you can easily trace the flow of your documents and keep a watch on activities that are being performed on the said document. With version 8.2 we have added 4 new activities to the workflow process.
Performing an audit trail and keeping legal records

Accounting centralizes information, and an important part of it is keeping legal records. This is where most companies have apprehensions about using an electronic document management system. However electronic documents are perfectly legal and GLOBODOX ensures that the documents could be traced back on edits and creation. This means you have the perfect audit trail for documents as well as a legal record of all the activities the document has undergone.

Securing information with privacy and encryption
Accounting firms spend millions on protecting important receipts and documents. However often the protection is not enough and is subject to internal threats. GLOBODOX eliminates the possibilities of any kind of information leakage, with privacy settings that let you control permissions for any document in the simplest way. This means you can control who has access to a certain type of information all the time. Not just this, GLOBODOX has industry grade encryption tools to secure the documents even further.

So as you can see, GLOBODOX takes the common, everyday processes and turns them into better management techniques. One great strength of Globodox is its relatively faster learning curve. Since it has been designed to follow processes that are already existent, it takes lesser time to set up GLOBODOX and to get it running. There are tons of other ways you can use GLOBODOX, you can learn about it on our document management software features page.

Now for the fun part, there is an exclusive discount of 30% flat on purchase of a GLOBODOX license for an accounting firm and accounting teams! Isn’t that great? For details on how to avail the offer, just get in touch with us at the earliest.

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