Update version 7.6 of Globodox released – Get it now!

Update version 7.6 of Globodox released – Get it now!

We have released a version update for Globodox with new features and improved performance. Both the full setup as well as the update setup for this version – Globodox 7.6 – are available for download. Download Globodox 7.6
What’s new in Globodox 7.6?
Besides better performance, you can now look forward to these new features…
  • Merging one Tag with another: Now you can easily merge one tag with another. This will delete the tag that is merged, remove that tag from all documents; and automatically add the other tag to these documents. The benefit of this new feature is that in case you misspelled a tag while adding it to a document, you can rectify the error by replacing the incorrect tag with the correct one. To do this, you need not change the tag for each document individually. You can simply create a new tag and merge the incorrect tag into the correct one. This feature also helps in rectifying situations where multiple users accidentally create similar tags (e.g., one user has already created the tag ‘Marketing’ and another user accidentally creates the tag ‘Mktg’. The latter tag can be merged into the ‘Marketing’ tag.). Merging of tags is a privilege that can be assigned to different roles as per the requirement.
  • Sorting of Destination Profile list: Until now, if you wanted to view the Destination Profiles you have saved in Globodox, the Destination Profile drop-down would not display the list in an alphabetical order. But now, Globodox displays the profile list in the drop-down in an alphabetical order.
  • Publish multiple draft documents together: Until now, you could only select one draft document at a time and publish each individually. But now, you can select more than one document and publish them all in one go! Needless to say, each document will be published to the next major version and all minor versions will be deleted as usual.
  • Thunderbird Setup 9.x drag & drop mail Support: Now you can drag and drop your emails from Thunderbird version 9.x onwards, into Globodox. These email messages can be displayed (previewed) in the Preview pane in Globodox.
This was just an update version. In the months to come, you can expect more additions to Globodox.
If you are not using Globodox yet, you can order now and upgrade to new versions in the next one year for free! That’s because with every license ordered, you get a year’s Maintenance Subscription absolutely freeClick here to Order Globodox licenses
  1. To upgrade your existing Globodox installation, download the update setup.
  2. If your Maintenance Subscription has expired, then you will not be able to upgrade your existing Globodox installation to the latest version. You will first need to purchase as many Maintenance Subscriptions as the number of Globodox licenses you own. To purchase, write to us at [email protected].
  3. Learn more about why you should upgrade to Globodox 7.6. (The blog post is about ver. 7.5 but applies to ver. 7.6 as well.)

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