Globodox: An Invaluable Tool For Effective HR Management

Globodox: An Invaluable Tool For Effective HR Management

Globodox transforms information management, enabling centralized, electronic storage and retrieval of all policies, employee files, and supporting documentation. It allows HR managers to systematize documents securely and effectively throughout the entire employment lifecycle, from document generation through retention and disposition.The amount of paper and electronic documents that any HR department generates and receives can be huge with numerous files having to be maintained for every employee and applicant. As a result HR managers spend a lot of time on classifying the documents. Globodox reduces the paperwork burden so HR managers can focus on more meaningful projects.With Globodox, HR managers can eliminate the need for physical document storage. The imaging and archiving features in Globodox efficiently capture and associate documents with employees in a digital format, eliminating the need for physical document storage with its imaging and archiving feature. It integrates seamlessly with HR and Payroll applications, and gives users access to documents via a rich client or web interface.

All physical and digital documents relating to an employee can be captured and stored, including emails. These may be required during HR proceedings. What’s more, the powerful search function ensures that document retrieval is accomplished in a matter of seconds.

Routine HR processes that are traditionally documentation-centric, such as vacation or time off requests, expense reports, or annual reviews can be processed, and filed and retrieved electronically from any workstation. This hastens the approval process and the transfer of information while eliminating lost or misplaced files. Globodox can also automate the distribution of company policies and training materials.

Collaboration between different departments becomes easier since documents digitised on Globodox can be shared instantly, when required. HR managers can create automated workflows to distribute job requisitions, policies and procedures, and benefits documents as well as securely view employee records for internal or external audit.Documents that are required to comply with regulatory acts can be incorporated into the system as they are created, thus eliminating the need to duplicate and move heavy paper files to a secure location for safe keeping. Security and confidentiality are of prime importance when it comes to HR documents since they contain highly-sensitive personal information. Globodox ensures all security protocols are met by controlling access at several levels and records a detailed history of activity that can be reviewed and audited.

Establish a framework for seamless, secure access and effective information management in human resources management using Globodox. By reducing the time HR managers spend on low-priority tasks, it allows them to work on more essential things such as finding and keeping the best employees, meeting compliance standards and managing time-bound payroll processes.


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