GLOBODOX – Now with Document Retention features

Here is the big news many of you were waiting for…

GLOBODOX version 13 has been released and now comes with document retention features. GLOBODOX’s document retention features help organizations retain/archive documents for a specific time period as required by law. The document retention module also allows users to have the documents deleted automatically after the retention period is.
We are very proud of this release as our team worked on this version during the COVID pandemic lockdown while working from home!
Version 13 of GLOBODOX is live and available for immediate download!

If you are our customer and want to upgrade to version 13, click here

Highlights of what’s added in Version 13

Set Archival Dates for documents and stacks

You can now set an archive date for a document or stack. No changes can be made to a document or stack once it has been archived.

Move archived documents and stacks to a different DB

Archived documents and stacks can be optionally moved to a separate archive DB. Multiple Archive DBs can be created for e.g. one for each year.

Set Expiry Dates for documents and stacks

You can set an expiry date for a document or stack. On the expiry date the document (or stack) can be deleted or moved to the Recycle Bin.

Recycle Bin for documents and stacks

You can now configure GLOBODOX to move deleted documents or stacks to a Recycle Bin. Documents and stacks in the Recycle Bin are automatically deleted from there after a set period of time. Existing users must explicitly enable this feature.

Undelete documents

Deleted Documents and Stacks which are moved to the Recycle Bin can be undeleted and moved out of the Recycle Bin.

Help about using the new features in available at…

A list of bug fixes in this update is available at…