Globodox Version 8.2 released – Get your copy now!

We have released a new version for Globodox with new features and improved performance. Both the full setup as well as the update setup for this version – Globodox 8.2 – are available for download.

Besides better performance, you can now look forward for new features. Most important feature of this release is Watermarking. Protecting confidentiality of sensitive documents and ensuring they do not fall in the wrong hands is often an uphill task. This is exactly what we have resolved with watermarking feature. If a document is confidential then putting a watermark with the text “CONFIDENTIAL” on the document makes it easy to identify. The watermark will also be displayed on the document even when it’s emailed, printed or even faxed. What’s more, you can choose any text with any size and font as a watermark. This helps you make sure that private or confidential documents are not being distributed or misused in any way.

In addition to this we have added a few more activities to the Globodox Workflow Engine, making it even more powerful.

To know about all new features of this release please click here

In the months to come, you can expect more additions to Globodox.
If you’re already using Globodox, wait for the next post for details about upgrading to version 8.2
If you are not using Globodox yet, you can order now and upgrade to new versions in the next one year for free! That’s because with every license ordered, you get a year’s Maintenance Subscription absolutely free! Click here to download 30 day free trial.