Hierarchical Security Groups: Control document access in a structured way

In Version 7 of Globodox, we have introduced a handful of features that help you control or restrict access to documents and assign privileges to roles. One feature that deals with controlled access to documents is that of creating Hierarchical Security Groups. 

Hierarchical Security Groups allow the creation of a group tree. This allows you to closely mimic your organization structure. Using this feature, you can give users access to not only documents owned by users of their groups but also documents owned by users of all their group’s sub-groups. 

So if your group is, say, Group A; users in your group would be able to access documents in your group as well as the documents in your group’s sub-groups – e.g. Group B and Group C. Of course, to what extent they can access these documents depends upon the particular role the user has been assigned. 

Overall, Hierarchical Security Groups provide for a structured way of working, where you can mirror the groups to the organization structure and thus help meet your organization’s information security goals. 

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