How an oil & gas document management software can change the way you manage information

How an oil & gas document management software can change the way you manage information

If you’ve worked in the oil & gas sector, you know that it is one of the most fast-paced & data-driven sectors in the world. From project plans to auditor reports, to invoices, to export & import documents, oil & gas corporations are constantly surrounded by paperwork, which needs to be organized, signed, stamped & forwarded within a stipulated time period. And more often than not, managing all these documents with the speed & efficiency required is simply not possible. That is why you need a specialized oil & gas document management system, that lets you streamline all your documents in one place, automates time-consuming tasks, improves data security and gives you complete control over your documents & information.

An oil & gas document management system speeds up document organization & search, makes information more accessible & reduces unnecessary paperwork costs, thereby increasing employee productivity & reducing project costs. It allows you to manage documentation at every stage of any oil & gas project, be it project bid documents, project designs, employee records, health & safety documents, government licenses, stock inventory, sales & purchase invoices and much more.

Here are some of the benefits of investing in an oil & gas document management software:

Improves document organization & search

Let’s say you currently organize all your documents in folders & subfolders. How many such folders do you have to go through to find the exact document you are looking for – not taking into account the possibility that one of your employees has accidentally stored the document in the wrong folder? But with oil & gas document management software, your documents will be better organized & easier to find.An oil & gas document management system comes with a multitude of organizational & search features, like document types, document linking, tags, multi-condition search & much more. These features allow you to easily segregate documents into respective groups (based on the project, client, month, etc), and locate them within seconds whenever required.

Increases accessibility

Providing access to essential documents to on-site project managers & staff is a demanding task. This involves ensuring that the employees have the necessary hardware & software to view, edit & share different types of documents, including .doc, .xls, .pdf, .png & various other file formats. An oil & gas document management system acts as the single digital repository for all your documents. It supports all popular file formats, which can easily be accessed via your PCs, laptops & mobile phones, featuring operating systems like Windows, Apple, Android & Linux.

Increases data security

Oil & gas companies deal with a ton of sensitive financial information, the leaking of which can result in lawsuits, stock prices taking a dip & loss of trust. An oil & gas document management system protects your documents from all kinds of thefts & leaks. The software comes equipped with an industry-grade encryption system that encrypts your documents to restrict unauthorized access, and other security features like content redaction, security labels, document sharing control, event logs & more, that give you complete control of your documents & information.

Automates repetitive tasks

Repetitive tasks like indexing & archiving documents, taking data backups and routine document approvals are some of the major contributors to the daily work hours for most oil & gas corporations. An oil & gas document management software allows you to automate all these time-consuming tasks, so you can focus on other important things at hand. Oil & gas document management systems automatically index every scanned or uploaded document, let you choose when a document needs to be archived or deleted, let you replicate & automate your entire document approval workflow & routinely backup your data to protect you from losing any important document.

Helps with audits & compliance

Every oil & gas corporation has to undergo an audit every 6 or 12 months. Although most companies already have a streamlined audit process, you do know that even one single missing document can be a cause for panic across the entire organization. An oil & gas document management software tracks every document you have uploaded to the system, lets you stack or link all related documents together & helps you find the document you are looking for within seconds. All these features, coupled with a robust document security system, also help you maintain industry compliance protocols like HIPAA, GDPR, etc.

Now that you have learned how document management software can improve your oil & gas projects, you should check out our software GLOBODOX. GLOBODOX is a 5-star rated document management system used by the likes of Nasa, Hutch, Westin, FDA, Tata & many other global corporations. GLOBODOX provides both on-premise & cloud-based document management solutions, but we would personally recommend the cloud-based version, simply for its ease of scalability & zero hardware requirement.

Wanna take GLOBODOX for a test run? Sign up for our 30-day free trial today. And if you have any further questions, you can write to us at


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