How document management software can improve Government organisations?

How document management software can improve Government organisations?

If there is one sector in any country that is lagging behind in its recognition & acceptance of digital technologies to replace paper based processes, it’s the public sector. It is estimated that just the US government’s annual spends on paper amount to approximately 1.3 billion dollars, much of which can be replaced by better automation based methods. Some government organisations lack the know-how to make the transition, some lack the willingness & some just assume that paper is better, when it’s actually not. What are some of the main issues government organisations face wrt document management? Excess workload, improper filing, misplacement or damage, interdepartmental delays & lack of security, to name a few. All of these problems or hurdles can be overcome with the help of a government document management software.
A document management system allows government agencies like municipalities, local & state bodies and other public sector units, to move away from filing cabinets, human inefficiencies & long waiting lines, to a process oriented & automated information management system. It provides these organisations with a platform to manage, edit, store & share all their information at one place, supports faster & accurate transfer of information between the government & its citizens, and protects citizen data against thefts, leaks & damages. It also allows governments to move to a more sustainable & eco-friendly document process, that is in line with the global objective of reducing industrial impact on the environment. Here are a few ways a document management software can benefit government organisations:
Creates a single digital repository:  Government agencies have to track & manage all kinds of documents in multiple file formats, including mandatory documents like unique identity or, Social Security Cards, passports, voter ID cards, driving licenses, citizenship documents, as well organisational documents like payment receipts, employee records, partner/vendor documents, salary slips, attendance sheets, and so much more. A government document management system lets you store & manage all these documents at one place. This doesn’t just help manage hundreds of thousands of documents faster, it also reduces the need to navigate through multiple software & saves a considerable amount of time & money. A government document management software also provides a built-in scanning tool that allows you to scan & digitize all your old paper records in bulk.
Makes information more accessible:  A government document management software comes with an API which allows you to integrate it with other applications such as ERP, CRM, Accounting systems etc. It also provides features like redaction, comments & highlights, that allow you to share feedback with other users in real-time. Some document management software also provides a built-in self service client interface that ensures a streamlined & secure transfer of information between all concerned parties, like collecting personal details, receiving bids, sharing project development details, and more.
Automates document approvals & transfers: One area of concern for all government organisations, is the exhaustingly long document approval process. A government document management software’s workflow automation feature allows you to automate the entire document transfer & approval process, and also allows you to customise your own workflow design depending on your organisation’s needs. Workflow automation also allows you to share workflow notifications within the app or on email, track, pause, cancel or reassign pending tasks, and automate digital signing & stamping of documents.
Improves data security: Protecting citizen & employee information is one of primary duties of any government organisation. A government document management software is an obvious upgrade to a paper filing cabinet, but it is also much more secure than most other file editing or sharing apps. A government document management system provides additional security features like two-factor authentication, document encryption, access control, sharing restrictions, event logging, data backups, etc,that protect your data against all kinds of digital thefts & leaks, as well as physical damages.
Reduces environmental impact: Reducing wastage & finding sustainable solutions to replace paper based processes is the need of the hour. A government document management software’s digital solutions aren’t just faster & more conducive, they also help reduce reliance on paper, paper wastage, paper based pollution, and have an overall positive impact on the environment.  
These are just some of the benefits of investing in a government document management software. A government document management system can also improve your elections or internal voting processes, manage attendance, create monthly schedules & plans, and so much more. And that is why, it’s imperative that government organisations recognise the importance of digitising their processes, and utilize this game-changing tool to upgrade to a better & more secure way of managing information. And if you are looking for the ideal government document management system, that has helped government organisations all across the world, like FDA, NASA & many more, have a look at GLOBODOX. GLOBODOX is a 5-star rated on-premise & cloud based document management software, with more than 2500 clients in over 60 countries. GLOBODOX provides a user-friendly interface and an industry grade encryption & security system.
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