How Document Management System Controls Document Chaos

How Document Management System Controls Document Chaos

Do you see piles of documents just lying about at your office? Or do your customers complain of constant delays? All of these problems are a result of document chaos. Document chaos, also referred to as ‘Content Chaos’, is a byproduct of the overwhelming amount of information & documents created every day.

The IDC (International Data Corporation) estimates that the number of documents going to be created between the years 2020 – 2024 will easily surpass the total number of documents created over the past 30 years. And managing this ever-growing stack of information will be a challenge for many organizations, especially those that have yet to digitize their processes. But document chaos can not only be controlled but also eliminated, using an effective document management system.

Here are a few ways how document management system control document chaos.


Digitisation One of the major factors resulting in document chaos is the lack of digitization. Paper & paper-based processes are unorganized, expensive & time-consuming. Let’s say you need to find a 10-year-old annual report from a filing cabinet titled ‘Annual Reports’. You know where to look for it, and yet it will take you hours to find the report you are looking for, depending on how well you have stored them.

Document management system brings order to this chaos. Digital documents are a lot easier to store, manage & retrieve. Document management system allows you to digitize all your old records for safekeeping. Moreover,a document management system provides advanced search features like keyword-based search, that allow you to retrieve your documents within seconds.


Automation Repetitive document processes such as document organization, data extraction, archiving & disposal, etc take up a chunk of your documentation hours. And although most of these processes are unavoidable, they can be automated using a document management system.

Document management system are designed to reduce physical documentation work. They contain features like document indexing, which automatically indexes & extracts data from every uploaded document, and document retention, which automatically archives or deletes documents on a specified date. They also have other automation-based features like automated document export, workflow automation, etc that reduce dependency on physical work and increase productivity & efficiency.

Organization Documents, if organized, can reduce document handling work by countless hours. Even paper documents that are organized & stored properly can be retrieved easily. But organizing paper documents takes hours of hard work & resilience.

A document management system provides tools like linking & tags that allow you to organize your documents more efficiently, based on their content, type, keywords, client, etc. This means you no longer have to transfer every single email attachment to the shared folder or spend hours trying to find documents from filing cabinets.


Accessibility The growth of the hybrid work model has increased the need for better accessibility & connectivity. One of the major drawbacks of using paper or multiple tools to manage documents is reduced accessibility. Paper documents can only be accessed physically, whereas using multiple tools results in process delays & errors.

Document management system acts as the central repository for all your documents. They support all popular file formats like .doc, .xls, .pdf, etc and let you edit & share all your documents using just one software. Most document management system like GLOBODOX also have mobile connectivity, providing a secure way of accessing your documents anytime you want.

Security Even today, most businesses share their documents over email. But emails are prone to hacking and attacks such as ransomware and malware. Hackers just need to send a phishing email, and make the user click on the click & all their data is available on the internet.

Document management systems provide additional security features like two-factor authentication & document encryption that protect your documents from such hacks & leaks. Document management system also provides access control features that allow you to restrict or authorise access to documents and track document activity at the push of a button.

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