How does a transportation document management software ensure faster deliveries?

How does a transportation document management software ensure faster deliveries?

Whenever one of your transport orders or deliveries gets delayed, you automatically put the blame on the warehousing or delivery executives. But have you ever stopped to consider that maybe these delays are caused due mismanagement of information, even across the top levels of your organisation? A report by Flexis states that most transportation delays are caused by inaccurate, out of date or delayed transfer of information. Transport businesses rely on proper dissemination & utilization of data, like providing order details to delivery executives on time, segregating orders based on location & availability of delivery executives, creating a stock replenishment timetable for warehouses, and much more. And that is why the biggest names in the freight and transportation industry automate their information management using a document management software.
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A transportation document management software lets you organize, edit, store & share all kinds of transport documents like order receipts, invoices, stock reports, customer details, delivery schedules, worker allocation, product return receipts, etc, all at one place. Having a single software for all your documentation needs doesn’t just save time & money, it also improves efficiency & productivity, and makes it easier for transporters to share information with employees & clients. A transportation document management system streamlines your document processes, to facilitate an error-free, organized & more accessible way of managing information across your entire organization. Here are a few ways a document management software benefits transport businesses:
Makes documents more accessible:
In today’s fast paced & competitive environment, the faster your information travels, the better it is for your business. A transportation document management system’s mobile accessibility lets you access documents from anywhere, at any time, and it’s multi-user interface makes it the perfect tool for storing & sharing information across your organization. It also facilitates real-time feedback between the various departments, bringing the document idle time down to zero.
Streamlines order processing:
Every single transport order generates documents like purchase order, customer details, order details, customer invoice, etc. Keeping track of all these documents, even for a single order, can be a difficult task. But not with a transportation document management software. A transportation document management system makes it easier for you to file & retrieve documents, with features like automated indexing – which automatically extracts important information from your documents, metadata based search – which uses metadata like tags or document types to accelerate document searches, document linking – which links all documents related to a particular order or product, and much more. It also makes it easier for you to track order delays, resource allocation & client feedback, allowing you to improve your overall customer experience.
Tracks bills & receipts:
One of the key aspects of running a smooth transport operation is the timely transfer of funds to workers, vendors, partners, etc. Combine that with the thousands of invoices you receive on a daily basis, and it seems plain chaotic for even the best accounting team. But with a transportation document management software, tracking & managing expenses & income becomes 10x easier. You can categorise & index your invoices with document types, find the precise invoice with multi-condition search, create a digital paper trail to assist with audits, and you can also automate the invoice approval process using workflow automation.
Protects personal & financial information:
Transport operators come across a lot of personal & financial information of their clients, like bank account number, company details, purchase history, and more. Protecting this information is not just the responsibility of the transport operator, it is also protocol in most countries. A transportation document management system is designed to provide additional layers of security to your documents, with features such as two-factor authentication, document encryption, document security groups, document sharing control, event logging, and much more. These security enhancements give you complete control of your documents, and protect them against any kind of thefts or leaks.
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