How EDMS can make teams more efficient & productive

How EDMS can make teams more efficient & productive

Modern day business revolves around productivity, and no matter what stage your business is in, it’s important to keep a track of your productivity charts. More companies and teams are bringing the change home by starting at smaller processes like the document management. While the traditional document management is messy and unreliable, the upcoming alternative of EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) is spreading gradually in the corporate sector. As more companies take up EDMS as a way of managing their documents, the business dynamics start changing with it too. EDMS completely shifts the focus from storing the documents to actually managing them. The system involves digitization of paper documents and then indexing and managing them along with existing digital documents like MS Word or PDF files. So apart from this very obvious reason, what else is pushing the teams worldwide to take up EDMS? Here are a few probable reasons.
• One Stop Access That Saves Time
Most teams need multiple copies of documents at their disposal for regular processes. This invariably creates a large inventory of printed, as well as digital documents. A powerful EDMS like GLOBODOX helps teams have access to all documents they need without having to create multiple copies. This surely saves a lot of the team’s time that could be spent in other, more productive activities.
• Collaboration Capabilities
Teams by nature are built on collaboration. The higher the comfort and ease in collaboration in a team, the better it functions. So when a system like EDMS is introduced to a team, it boosts the collaboration capabilities of the team. Not only does this save a lot of time, it also does something far more important. It makes teams more reliable as everything can be shared within a team with no hassles, and thereby everyone is always in the loop of what’s going on.
• Document Security
A team is more than just a bunch of people working together on something. It’s a system, where everyone has their role assigned. Making sure the right set of documents is available to the right role can enhance productivity manifold. Simultaneously ensuring that a role cannot accidentally access documents not meant for them means peace of the mind for the team. Switching to an EDMS can make this happen. In fact an advanced EDMS like GLOBODOX can also keep an audit trail of which team member modified a document or which team member deleted a document.
All these capabilities may make it seem like EDMS is only for teams in large organizations. But this is really not the case. EDMS is a good fit for teams in any businesses of any size. Any team working with documents would find that the benefits of an EDMS far outweigh the costs.
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