How electronic document management helps Reduce Operational Costs

When organizations digitize their documents and automate their business processes, their operational costs can decrease substantially over a period of time. Some of the areas where you can experience cost savings are:

  • Lower consumption of paper and other office supplies
  • Reduced need for storage space
  • Prevention of overstaffing by automating document based workflows
  • Elimination of misfiled/lost files; this eliminates the need to recreate documents – an exercise which would have cost you in terms of wages.

Electronic-only filing saves space…saves costs

A survey* conducted by the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) concluded that electronic-only filing would halve the storage space needed for paper in 5 years. This is a significant finding, as more and more organizations are discovering the benefits of digitizing their paper based document archives. Here is how you can save on storage costs by resorting to electronic-only filing:

  • Digitize your entire paper archive
  • Scan all incoming mail
  • Create new documents only in digital formats
  • Shred all documents no longer required to be in paper form for legal or operational purposes. This releases storage space.

* Source: “The Paper Free Office – dream or reality?” © 2012 AIIM – The Global Community of Information Professionals

The best way to go digital and save storage costs is to scan and manage files using document management software. The cost savings that result, can more than pay for the investment in the software (e.g. Globodox). Take a Free Trial of Globodox to see how you can store and manage your documents better than by using paper.

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