How GLOBODOX helps manage all your digital documents?

How GLOBODOX helps manage all your digital documents?

Any large organization is going to generate plenty of paperwork. Documents are generated through contracts, bills, project reports and other various types of content. In this day and age, would you like an employee getting off from their terminal and wasting time in the storage room, looking for a vital document? It would be counter-productive and a waste of time.
Wouldn’t you rather – make all your documents digitally accessible and at the same time, ensure that your employees can easily sift through the documents? This is where Globodox comes in. It is a digital document management system or eDMS. So what makes Globodox good for handling all your digital files?


All the files can be organized into folders in Globodox. Similar files can be put together. The folders are similar to Windows Explorer’s folders (just to give you an idea). You can easily create folders and sub folders in this system to organize your files.


Multiple tags can be attached to every file and the file gets indexed in your database. Tags help you to find the document swiftly when you need it.

Document Types

Document types allow you to store your digital documents in a more efficient way than on Windows Explorer. With document types, you can add vital information to the file. For example, for a digital invoice, you can add in details of invoice date, amount, number and name of the recipient. By doing this, you organize your documents better and are able to access them easily on Globodox.


Globodox gives you the option to arrange your documents in stacks. Stacks have their own indexing information. You have an additional option of finding a document through its stack’s index information.

Linking Documents and Stacks

Imagine you are reading through a document; say for a client contract and you want to go over another one for another client. If you arranged your documents according to the clients, you would have to move through folders to reach the other client contract.However, if you link all your contracts together, you can jump onto the next contract without wasting too much time.
Globodox gives you the feature to link your documents and stacks.

Annotation Tools

You are possibly not the only person accessing these documents, your employees and your boss may access them too. Globodox allows you to add comments, stamps and highlight areas for another person to see.

Versioning the File

The only way to save multiple versions of a Microsoft document is to create new saves. However, Globodox stores the various versions. This way, you can always refer to an older version of the document if you need to. In addition, you can add notes to every version.

Quick Search

Quick Search is the most powerful tool that Globodox equips you with to find a specific file swiftly. The quick search is extremely powerful because of all the information that is indexed with the documents.

What all these features do is ensure that your digital documents are perfectly arranged for everyone to access within the office.


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