How the biggest election in the world manages to be paperless

How the biggest election in the world manages to be paperless

Elections are a huge process, involving money, people and paper. These past few months, the world has been observing the largest ever election exercise taking place in India. Almost 1 billion people are set to vote in the 7th largest country. So how is such a large scale process even possible? Say hello to the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM)!
A decade ago, the Indian election used humongous amounts of paper for every citizen to cast their vote. However, in 2004 the elections went digital with EVMs.
This system was more secure, cheaper, quicker and way easier. That is the power of going digital. When the Indian Elections started being conducted electronically, it solved so many problems that the exercise faced and tremendously improved the accuracy of counting. The cost was reduced, cries of election tampering were fewer and most importantly, all a voter had to do was press a button.
EVMs are very easy to carry. They come in two components that can fit inside your briefcase. It’s quite sturdy and can withstand India’s varying climate. The Ballot unit actually takes the vote, while the control unit is hidden by the Election Office. A ballot unit can hold up to 16 candidates and an election officer can set up to four EVMs in an election booth. This gives a voter an option of voting for any one of the 64 candidates. India is a country that cannot afford expensive equipment. An EVM unit costs only $175 and this seriously helps in keeping down costs.
Since, India suffers from electricity shortages, EVMs are battery operated. A single unit can record slightly less than 4000 votes. India has some experience with rigged polls, however, EVMs have almost made it impossible. This is because EVMs have a sealed security chip that cannot be tampered with. Already, the Indian Election Commission is set to use over 1 million EVMs.
This is a real life story of switching from paper to digital and a huge case study of its success. This same thing can be done in your own organization.
Similar to the Indian election scenario, any organization can take control of their paper oriented process and go digital with GLOBODOX.
GLOBODOX has been implemented across industries from various sectors with complete success in effectively managing documents. What distinguishes GLOBODOX from its competitors is that it’s easy to use interface and uncompromised functionality.

The world is going paperless. Are you?


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