How to never miss a payment again!

How to never miss a payment again!

Keeping track of invoices received from multiple vendors over a period of time can be challenging, more so as your business grows. Retrieving the invoices due for payment can be time consuming if you begin to look through various folders that are arranged by different parameters. Globodox is a document management solution that helps you manage all your invoices that are due for payment soon.
How can I track my payments due?
Globodox has a feature called Document Types using which you can arrange similar types of documents in a single group. Specifying the document’s type allows you to store other details about the document too. For example, with each stored Invoice, you can store the Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Payment Due Date, Invoice Amount, Payment Status etc. This helps you find documents faster. In fact, when used along with search, you can actually get a list of all invoices due for payment on a particular date, in a jiffy.
Save time – every time
Let’s say you were a company manufacturing household appliances. You would have several vendors supplying different components that make up these appliances. Now you need to know how many pending invoices there are that you need to pay off on a particular date. If you have used the document type Invoices and saved the relevant details about the invoices, then simply searching for invoice which are due “this week” and have their status set to “not paid” will give you the invoices you need – as simple as that! Moreover, you can save your search so that the next time, finding invoices due in the coming week becomes a matter of just one click!
Remember, every time you add an invoice to Globodox…
  • Just specify its document type as Invoices and
  • Add other relevant details.
This way, you save a lot of time when looking for invoices due for payment and ensure that you never miss a payment again!
‘Invoices’ is one of the Document Types that come pre-configured in Globodox. You can create additional document types based on the different types of documents you manage.
Discover more benefit-driven features of using Globodox enterprise document management software.

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