Can you implement a document management system without a dedicated IT team?

Can you implement a document management system without a dedicated IT team?

Much as organizations want to go paperless, many of them think they would need a special team to roll out and maintain a document management system (DMS). While their concern is understandable, it is possible to implement the system without having dedicated IT staff. To a great extent, however, this depends on the particular solution you are evaluating or have shortlisted. Let us see how it is possible to use a DMS without having a specialized technical team to oversee it…

  • Fully featured evaluation: Software solutions usually offer free trials. But these trial versions often give you access only to limited features. So there is no way to know how the software would perform if you used the advanced functionality it offers. One document management software application that offers a fully featured evaluation is Globodox. Irrespective of whether you eventually opt for the standard version or the suite, while you are evaluating it, you can try out all the add-on modules included in the suite version. This lets you objectively assess the usefulness of the software vis-a-vis your requirements.
  • Easy to download and setup: If downloading and installing the software is a painful exercise, then no matter how beneficial the solution may seem for your organization, you will need technical assistance from someone on-site. Thankfully, Globodox is one solution that is extremely simple to download and set up.
    All it takes is a few simple steps and the software would be on your system. Once you have downloaded Globodox, you can refer to the
    Globodox Installation Guide – either to the
    online instructions or the
    downloadable PDF. The instructions are simple to follow and do not require help from a person with an IT background.
  • Low learning curve: After the software is downloaded and installed, it is ready to be used, provided you have trained the end users – your employees. The
    general perception is that any new software requires
    several days of training before you can start getting productive using it.
    Not with Globodox.  All it takes to get started with Globodox is a few hours of training. The
    familiar MS Outlook user interface makes it simple to learn and
    puts the user at ease right away. As you start working with your documents within Globodox, you will discover just how simple it is to apply it to your department or organization’s requirements.
  • Skilled technical support: This is
    probably the biggest concern most organizations have. “What if there are technical issues that cannot be resolved by our supervisors?” is the question they may want addressed beforehand. If the document management software you’re using is complex and you don’t have adequate IT staff to assist, it can be troublesome.
    With Globodox however, you can rest assured. Our skilled technical support team will come to your aid and resolve the issues.
    In fact, some of the features you will see in Globodox have been
    inspired by feedback received from customers who had technical queries while using Globodox. Feedback from them has
    helped us iron out issues and introduce new features to
    improve the experience of our customers.
  • Easy to install upgrades: Setting up the document management application the first time round is fine. But what about installing version upgrades? Software providers typically release
    minor updates every few months and a
    major upgrade every year or so. If the update process is a complicated one, then every upgrade could be an ordeal for your employees. The procedure to upgrade is very simple with Globodox though.

Keeping all the benefits in mind,you need not have a concern about how you will evaluate, set up and maintain a DMS without having a dedicated team of IT professionals. Globodox meets your needs in simple ways, backed by a knowledgeable and responsive technical support team.Read what our customers have to say about our support.

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