Information Overdose in the Telecom Industry Organized Effectively

Information Overdose in the Telecom Industry Organized Effectively

The telecom industry deals with clients and customers that run into hundreds of thousands. So collection, storage and retention of all the customer information that they have to manage is always a challenge.

The Problems:

Large Volumes of Data
A telecom company has to engage with sensitive information from a large volume of customers and handle very large volumes of documents which must be retained and managed for long periods of time.

Slow Customer Service
Not being able to swiftly pull up information on a customer will seriously hinder a telecom company’s ability to service them well.

Legal and Regulatory Requirements
Telecom companies all over the world have to retain documents for a certain period of time for regulatory audits. Many times, ongoing lawsuits require telecom companies to provide customer or call related documents. A telecom company must be ready to provide sufficient information within the given time frame.

Security and Privacy
Keeping personally identifiable information of customers protected is a must in today’s privacy-educated and hacker infested world.

Financial Investments
Telecom company typically invest large amounts to ensure adequate information management.

The Solution:

Believe it or not, the easiest way to overcome these challenges and prevent them from negatively affecting the organization is to implement a top-notch Document Management System (DMS). And Globodox fits the bill perfectly. Globodox is great at handling large volumes of documents. It is unmatched in the number of ways it offers to capture and organize documents. The powerful search features in Globodox allow users to find documents based on their name, meta data, tags, folders, dates and more! Globodox enables Customer Support teams to function swiftly and leaves you with satisfied customers. Built-in security features make sure that access to information is given as per a need-to-know basis. Legal and regulatory requirements can be adhered to by accessing the right documents within the mandated time frame. Most importantly, Globodox Document Management Software is extremely cost-effective with low acquisition, training and maintenance costs. In conclusion, a DMS is easy to implement, with an easy user-interface that ensures quick employee training and gives you a fantastic ROI.

Case Study:

Click here to find out how Globodox helped telecom giants Hutch meet their document management challenges.


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