Keep track of user actions in Globodox using Event Log

Restricting user access to documents is one aspect of ensuring security of documents in a document management system. But what happens if a document has been erroneously modified by a user who does have the permission to modify it? How do you track such actions in Globodox? The answer is: using the Event Log

What types of events are logged by Globodox? 

Globodox logs two kinds of events: 

  • System Events: These events are not database-specific. Examples are: user logon, logoff, addition of user etc. These events do not involve document-related actions.
  • Globodox DB Events: These events are specific to the currently opened Globodox database. In the question we raised above, modifying a document is a database-related event. So if a user has modified a document erroneously, you will be able to trace the action on that document by clicking the Event Log tab on the Document Details pane when you are viewing that document.

Event Log records the name of the user who performed the action with the date and time of the action. Globodox can log almost any action a user can perform. You can, of course, choose to enable logging only certain events while choosing not to log others. This can be done both for System Events as well as Globodox DB Events. If you have multiple DBs, you can also choose to not enable logging on one or more DB while enabling it for different actions for the others. Click here to learn more about Event Log in Globodox.

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