Learn how digital Approval Workflow is more efficient than paper-based

Learn how digital Approval Workflow is more efficient than paper-based

Automate document approval process – eliminate bottlenecks!
Create digital equivalents of paper-based approval workflow

What is a digital workflow?

A digital workflow is a sequence of pre-specified tasks that need to be performed using digital means, for a work process to be completed. Digital workflow can be used for automating document based processes as well as other types of processes. Some examples of document based digital workflow are document review workflow, document approval workflow , auto-publishing of a document, etc.

For document-based processes, digital workflows automate the routing of documents from one user to another as per the current business processes of your organization. You can do this by creating and assigning tasks using logical and rule-based procedures that are similar to paper-based procedures but are digital in nature. Although there are special workflow software programs available, it is often more sensible to use a workflow module that comes as part of a document management software solution. In this article, we shall see why using document management software is a better way of managing approval workflows than using a paper-based method.

Why use an automated approval workflow?

    • It uses digital documents

Digital documents are permanent, more portable and more adaptable to process changes than paper-based documents. So whether you want to get documents reviewed, approved, stamped, signed or faxed, it makes sense to route them using a digital workflow.

    • Process tasks are logical and rule-based

A digital document approval workflow is created by clearly defining each task that must be performed. The whole process is mapped out just like a paper-based process would, but with the advantage of having task notifications (messages) automatically sent to the respective users. Provision can be made for responses to these task messages, using conditions and loops.

    • Work is done faster

Not only are task messages received automatically, but the document itself can be attached to the message when assigning the task. All one needs to do to approve the document is perform the necessary action. This makes an automated document approval process far speedier than a paper-based one.

    • Improved customer service

Suppose that a document approval workflow is being run for an insurance claim. A digital approval workflow can help you process far more claims in a given amount of time than if you used a manual, paper-based process. The result: improved customer service and positive word-of-mouth publicity. Now instead of insurance claims, say the document approval workflow was run for vouchers for reimbursement of expenses incurred by your employees. Processing the vouchers speedily would result in a positive experience for your employees. They would be better motivated to perform their respective jobs as they know their organization has invested in automation systems for the benefit of the employees and other stakeholders.

Why use Globodox for document approval workflow

      • Easy to find documents

Globodox is a document management solution that offers multiple ways to organize the scanned images of paper-based documents and existing electronic files. To top it, you can use the quick search, advanced search, and saved search options to find files fast. This makes it easy to check documents quickly before routing them as part of the workflow.

      • Integrated workflow

Despite inherently being a document management program, Globodox can boast of workflow capabilities. It offers the ability to create automated workflows, run them as well as monitor them. Organizations usually have several processes that are document-based. So having approval workflow and other features available as part of the document management program helps organizations manage documents in totality.

      • Secure sharing

Globodox offers document-level access control. So when you want to route a document to a user for getting a task done, you can assign the relevant privilege to that user.


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