Legal documents all over the place? Get a handle on them

Legal documents all over the place? Get a handle on them

No matter what sort of business you are, there is always some form of legality that you have to deal with. These may come in the form of licenses, agreements, registration, employee contracts, etc. Legal documents are vital for all businesses, however, often organizations that don’t have a good documentation system in place end up losing or misplacing them. The main reason for this is that organizations usually store documents that are not needed in the immediate future in storage and often lose them.

Such a situation can be avoided by using Globodox. Globodox is a document management software and is fantastic at storing and organizing your vital documents.

As soon as you ink and get the legal document signed, it is advisable to have it digitized. Globodox has a built-in OCR tool which helps in converting the scanned hard copies into a digital one. It ensures the quality of the scan is up to the mark.

Add it to the Globodox Repository

Globodox’s repository is a very stable database to store your important legal documents in. Globodox can use Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL to maintain this repository.

Organising it
Once you start using Globodox, you won’t just be adding legal documents, you will also be adding other vital business documents which are needed. However, using Globodox’s system of folders and tags, you can easily separate the legal documents from the rest. Creating a new folder is as easy as it is on Windows Explorer. Additionally, tags allow you to conduct powerful searches for specific documents.

Legal documents should be kept confidential. You don’t want anyone to access employee or client contracts or any other sensitive documents. Globodox has a series of security checks in place to protect your legal documents.

  • Multi User Setup

Every person who accesses your organization’s database must do so with a Login ID. This means that only those who have been granted an ID can access your organizations’ documents. Further, you can limit the level of security access of your members. You can grant them access to any select set of documents as and when needed.
This way, you not only protect your company details from access by outside parties, but also control the level of access within members of your own company.

  • Encryption

Furthermore, your documents can be encrypted with industry standard encryption like AES, Blowfish and Triple-DES.

  • Event Logging

Even if you are worried that someone might misuse their access to the legal documents, you can keep track on employee activity online by utilizing Globodox’s event logging database. This basically enables you to pull up a history of an employee’s actions in Globodox.

Easy to Backup
Globodox’s repository can easily be backed up. So in cases of any digital or physical harm to your company computers or its data, you can retrieve all the vital, legal documents to continue your business.
Legal documents are extremely important. It proves the existence of your business and it prevents your business from getting sued or incurring fines. Keep them safe with Globodox.


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