Make every day your Paper Free Day, with Globodox!

Make every day your Paper Free Day, with Globodox!

The popular perception is that to use eco-friendly products and services, you need to shell out more money. It need not be so, especially when it comes to business. There are solutions available (such as electronic document management software) that will help you manage your business operations far more efficiently than by using paper-based processes. Look at the business benefits of managing documents electronically…

  • Cost savings: As you reduce your consumption of paper by generating fewer paper documents at source, something amazing will happen. Expenses on paper and other office supplies will reduce considerably.
  • Time savings: Enterprise document management software such as Globodox offers workflow tools that help you automate business processes. Those visits to the get the manager’s signature or stamps affixed will become history. Once you digitize your paper archive, you will no longer need to visit the archive room to fetch that oft-used document. That adds up to big time savings. Better ways to organize documents means that you can find files in seconds!
  • Collaboration: Paperless office software like Globodox also allows you to share documents with specific members of your team. Using document versioning and event logging, you can keep track of who has made what changes to the document and when. With a paper-based approach, this is a highly complicated activity.
  • Highly secure: In an electronic document management system like Globodox, your documents remain totally secure. Globodox allows you to assign role-based permissions to users. So you can share or restrict specific documents or folders as you want. In a paper-based environment, a project file could contain a few documents that are confidential while the rest are not. They need to be stored together as they are part of the same project. How do you prevent users from flipping over to those documents? But it’s easy in a paperless, electronic environment.

There are several other benefits of adopting the paper-free way to manage your business. Write to us to know how you could benefit by turning paper-free this World Paper Free Day!

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