Make it easy for everyone to access vital documents

Make it easy for everyone to access vital documents

Any organization that operates on a daily basis needs documents to run through the office swiftly. A common way is to send an attachment across an email. Some offices have shared folders where the files are stored and accessed by all. However, these are micro-scale things. The fact is that a large organization will have hundreds of things going on simultaneously. An employee in the design section will need to go over the brief and the copy. The manager will want to review the client contract. The HR personnel will want to access the employee contract. Attached emails and shared folders are not enough to handle all these actions.
What the organization needs is a central repository and not only that, it should be easily accessible and all the files should be well organized. This is where Globodox, a digital document management software, can help you.
Central Repository
Saving all the files in one place avoids plenty of hassle. Imagine if important documents were spread all across several computer terminals – with the account, the manager, the designer, etc. With all the files located in one place, it’s easier to access and protect.
Plus, all the files can be easily backed up by Globodox, so if ever there is a loss of data, a back up is in place.
Find it Quickly
Globodox is quite easy to use. Give any employee a day and they’ll be pretty familiar with the software. Globodox’s interface is similar to Microsoft Outlook.
The documents can be arranged using folders which is compatible with your organizing style. It is quite simple to organize your documents based on your clients, project name or manager handling portfolios.
Additionally, Globodox has quite a powerful search tool which you can use to find your file. Tags, document types and stacks allow you to add metadata to the documents which enable them to be found swiftly.
One of the main concerns would be security of data. You don’t want everyone to access your repository and you want to hide certain files from the rest of the employees.

Globodox allows security at a per user, per role and per document level. Only those with login in IDs will be able to access your repository. Furthermore, you can add security limits to those IDs so you can control the access of files and folders on Globodox.
What Globodox does is make all your files accessible from a single location. Any employee can seamlessly skim through all the documents. You won’t have employees calling up each other to send across documents. They can be directly dragged and dropped into Globodox and made accessible to the whole team.
Eventually, what you are doing is introducing efficiency into the office that will boost productivity.

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