3 ways Managing Documents electronically helps achieve Legal Compliance

There are several reasons organizations resort to managing documents electronically. From the business point of view, the main reasons are achieving savings in terms of costs and time, better productivity and increased efficiency etc. With more and more governments the world over passing laws favoring transparency and better management of information, achieving legal compliance has become a major reason to use electronic document management. In this blog post, we will look at 3 ways managing documents electronically helps you comply with the law.

Number 1: Quicker and easier access to documents

Document management software
offers you the ability to organize your digital files systematically in a range of ways. Depending upon which solution you choose, you can organize your documents into folders, by document types, assign tags, link related documents to one another, or even organize them project-wise or client-wise. Not only this, you can search for documents using various criteria or simply by their text content – much as you would search using an Internet search engine. These capabilities help you find files faster when you need to provide information to customers, government agencies etc.

Number 2: Secure access to documents

A major driver of new business laws being passed concerning information security is of access to sensitive customer records. Customers share personal information like home address, date of birth, social security number etc. through forms, letters and other documents. They place their trust in your hands. It is only natural that the government expects you to safeguard access to those records. Enterprise level document management software enables you to choose who you want to share documents with and who you want to restrict documents from. You can assign various role based privileges to the users. Some solutions even offer the ability to encrypt documents. All this ensures that no unauthorized person can access documents and other records pertaining to your customers and other stakeholders.

Added benefit: As the average employee may not have access to all documents, they can manage their roles better. That’s because documents and issues not related to them are not part of their interface and therefore not a distraction. They can focus exclusively on their tasks.

Number 3: Maintain a log of user actions performed using the software program

Provision of security features is one aspect of a good document management system. But if a law enforcing agency having appropriate authority, asks you to show them if a specific action was performed by a certain employee (e.g. modifying a document), what would you do? Managing documents electronically using a solution like Globodox lets you keep an audit trail of events performed by users. This way, you can retain evidence in your favor.

Added benefit: It proves that you indeed safeguard your customers’ documents and also operate without bias towards or against your employees.

As Globodox offers all these capabilities and more, it helps you comply with laws like HIPAA, SOX etc. or similar laws enacted in other countries. Download Globodox to try it free for 30 days.

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