Manage employees’ withholding tax documents using Stack Types

Manage employees’ withholding tax documents using Stack Types

Many countries around the world require individuals or firms to deduct tax when they make a payment; e.g. deducting tax from the salary paid to an employee. Such a deduction is known by different names in different countries: in the US, it is called ‘withholding tax’, in the UK, ‘Pay As You Earn (PAYE) while in India, it is called ‘Tax Deducted at Source’ (TDS). Let us see how Globodox enterprise document management software helps you manage documents related to your employees’ withholding tax payments.
Treating ‘withholding tax’ deductions as a Stack Type
Stack Types help you organize the documents related to projects that you are working on. In this case, you could create a stack type called Withholding Tax of Employees for 2010-11. Within this stack type, you can create fields for Employee Name and Employee ID and add Stacks to this stack type. Each stack will bear an employee’s name and their ID. You can add documents related to the employee’s withholding tax details in the Information tab at the bottom. Now when you want to pull up the withholding tax details of your firm’s employees, all you need to do is go to Stack Types and search for the Employee Name or Employee ID. The Information tab in the selected employee’s stack will give you a list of documents that are related to this employee’s withholding tax details. Click on the one you want to refer to and you’re on your way!
Stack Types are a great way to organize documents related to a project, as they do not remove the documents from their folders; and neither do they delete the tags nor the document type assigned to them. If you have already installed Globodox on your machine but not used Stack Types, refer to the Globodox online user manual or PDF manuals and learn more about this useful feature.
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