Multiple ways to add documents to Globodox helps you get productive quickly

Multiple ways to add documents to Globodox helps you get productive quickly

One of the reasons why it is so easy to start using Globodox and get productive in hours is the ease of adding documents to the Globodox database. In this post, we will look at the ways in which you can do this.

Adding documents to Globodox

  • Add documents from disk: This is a simple way to add a document when there are just a couple of documents to be added. It works just like when attaching a file to an email you are composing. All you do is click the Add From Disk button from the ribbon bar, select from the pop-up window the document you want to add to Globodox and click ‘Open’. Your document is added to the All Documents node!
  • Find and add documents: Do you want to add several documents from different folders at once? Then this is your best option. Click the arrow on the Add From Disk button from the ribbon bar. This opens up a window in Globodox, which allows you to select various folders on your computer and choose which files to add, by searching for them by keywords. You can also specify exceptions; e.g. if the folder that you have selected contains .pdf, .doc, .tiff, .jpeg files and if you only want to add .pdf files to the database, then you can use an exception which will add the .pdf files and exclude the remaining files.
  • Add existing folder structure along with the documents: Globodox allows you to add the entire folder structure from your local machine. It does not in any way alter the structure. The entire folder tree remains intact – so you don’t need to waste time recreating the folders and sub-folders or adding documents to their original folders. This is a really fast way to get your documents across to Globodox and get productive right away!
  • Drag and drop option: Globodox allows 4 types of drag-and-drop actions – of folders, of documents, of an image from a web page and of text from a document or web page. Note that drag-and-drop for images work only for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome as of now. It may not work for other browsers.
  • Replace a document with another: In the middle of a busy day, if you imported the wrong document to Globodox, you can correct your action, using this feature. All you need to do is select from the list pane the document you want to replace, click the More button from the ribbon bar, click Replace from disk… and from the window that pops up, select the correct document that needs to be imported into Globodox. That’s it! You can even replace a document with a scanned document; e.g. if the document that needs to be imported is still in paper form, you can scan it and save it to replace the incorrect document.

Why not explore these features for yourself and learn some quick ways to work with documents using Globodox!

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