New Version Released

New Version Released

In the past few days we have released two new versions (v5.5.0.4 and v5.5.0.5) of Globodox and Sohodox.3

You can download the latest version ( from the link below…

Listed below are the new features and bug fixes of version and version

What’s New:

  • Zone Maps (Available only in Globodox)

The Zone Maps feature in Globodox lets you recognize scanned text and bar codes in specific pre-defined areas of a scanned document and then automatically store the recognized values in their corresponding fields. This means that you can automate your indexing process for identically formatted documents (for e.g. bills from the same telephone company) and eliminate manual data entry.

  • Navigate documents in a Stack in continuous mode (Available in Globodox and Sohodox Plus)

This option is available from the User Options node of the Options window.
On enabling this option, you will be able to navigate between the pages as well as documents by using the Navigation buttons on the Preview pane. For a single page document when you click the Next button, the next document in the list will be displayed. For multi-page document, when you click the next button the next page will be displayed. On the reaching the last page of multi-page document, if you click the Next button, the next document will be displayed.

  • Print Search conditions along with the search results

When you print search results that are displayed in the List View pane, you can now choose to print the conditions used in that search at the top of the search results. This feature helps in quickly identifying the conditions used to generate the search results.

  • Print All documents of a stack (Available in Globodox and Sohodox Plus)

You can now print all the documents related to a stack in one go.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed: The value set for the Inactivity Timeout option was incorrectly being applied to password length.
  2. Fixed: Error when adding and scanning documents via the New Document window.
  3. Fixed: Occasional Error when adding a document to a Document Type.
  4. Fixed: Page Up and Page Down keys can now be used to navigate between documents in Stack.
  5. Fixed: Occasional Error when editing a PDF File
  6. Fixed: Deactivated Security label were not displayed in the list.
  7. Fixed: Enabling Auto-Preview turn off option, turns off the preview of documents.

Feel free to drop-in your comments about the new changes.


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