Offer: Free document management software licenses for environmental non-profits

The first offer of our 11 on 11 set of offers…

We have always felt good about the fact that our products help organizations reduce their reliance on paper documents. The ease with which Globodox & Sohodox enable scanning and secure sharing of scanned paper documents means we would have helped our customers eliminate millions of pages of photocopying! It sure feels nice to know that you are playing a part (even if it is a tiny part) in helping protect the environment.

We want to do a little more…
For the next eleven days we are giving away free* (yes absolutely free!!) licenses of Globodox and Sohodox to any non-profit organization working to protect the environment.

To avail of the offer simply contact us at [email protected] and let us know the product (Globodox/Sohodox) you need and the number of licenses.

Please remember to also let us know a bit about your non-profit and the kind of work it does.

Please share this information with any environmental non-profit you know of.

Offer valid until January 21 2010

*Terms & conditions apply.