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Version 10.09.01 Released

22 Sep 2016

Read more about the new features released in GLOBODOX Version 10.9.1… Continue reading

Version 10.08.01 Released

30 Aug 2016

Read more about the new features released in GLOBODOX Version 10.8.1… Continue reading

GLOBODOX Version 10.5.1 Released

31 May 2016

We have just released version 10.5.1. The focus this time was simplified configuration especially for those with large installations. We have reduced the hassle of applying a new or updated registration key on all machines in a multi-user environment. Please note that any customer who has an active maintenance subscription as on May 31 2016, can upgrade to v10.5.1.

GLOBODOX Version 10.4.1 Released

02 May 2016

We have released an new update i.e. version 10.4.1. This update has minor fixes, enhancements (improved client-server configuration, ability to find out whether Globodox is installed in Server or Client mode). We have also released a new utility to automatically install SQL Server Express 2014 and help you convert your Access based DBs to SQL Server. Read more about the … Continue reading

GLOBODOX Version 10.3.2 Released

30 Mar 2016

We just released a small GLOBODOX update largely for new users doing a fresh installation of GLOBODOX. Existing users can skip installing this upgrade. It would be best for existing users to wait for the release scheduled for April. The version we have released is Read more about the New features here and the bug fixes here

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