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Why Globodox is Superb for Managing Invoices

18 Nov 2014

Once you receive an invoice from a vendor, it seems pretty simple to just file it away. But the real trouble is when you have to find an old invoice, or calculate your total payables to your various vendors. To tackle this, companies across the globe are converting their paper invoices to digital format. Invoices are being generated directly in … Continue reading

Work with any file, on any device, at any time

11 Nov 2014

Imagine if you could carry all your vital documents everywhere with you. I’m not talking about piling up a cumbersome number of files in your bag. Even if you try to do so, it would be impossible. Every organization has a vast array of documents. You can’t carry them everywhere and you can’t predict with exact precision which one will … Continue reading

Business process management within a DMS

04 Nov 2014

Business process management (BPM), as the name suggests, focuses on the various processes that help run the organization. It aims to optimize processes in the best way possible so that the organization is both efficient and cost effective. Document management is tied in with BPM. Creating a document, storing it or even sending it across to a higher-up are all … Continue reading

Can my company implement a document management system?

28 Oct 2014

Turning your organization into a paperless one can turn everything upside down. New processes will have to be drawn, employees will have to be trained and equipment will have to be brought in. But, there are many advantages to going digital. Here are things to take into consideration when deciding whether it is the right time for your organization to … Continue reading

How to go Digital

21 Oct 2014

A paperless office holds many advantages and converting your office to one is a good decision. The best advantage is not that your office is de-cluttered with papers and folders, but you are able to manage your documents better. You can easily arrange them and find your files with a few clicks. Additionally, you don’t have to waste office space … Continue reading

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